Thursday, April 16, 2009

Words that describe this Weekend...

early, cold, long, long, hot, sweaty, long, great, food, fun, little, sleep, & long. In that order. In a less abbreviated form, my weekend schedule consists of the following:

1. Early - 18mi on 2 legs;
2. 2.5hrs on 4 wheels;
3. 9 hours enjoying the heat of Palm Desert;
4. 2hrs on 4 wheels;
5. Bed.

1. Early - 100mi on 2 wheels
2. Mexican food and "recovery beverages" with good friends;
3. Sleep - Long

Should be another good one. Maybe I will see Charissa out riding the roads.

Monday is going to be a big day as well. 17 runners from my club are running Boston, along with Maggs. Best of luck to you Maggs!! I suggest you keep your whale songs to yourself out there though. I don't think the East Coasters will know what you're singing and they may just institutionalize you.


  1. Whoa nice weekend! Have fun, get the K-Swiss!

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend.

  3. Good luck! I think we're doing pretty similar stuff... except I'm riding long on Saturday instead of Sunday...and it'll be sushi instead. :) Good luck, happy training and enjoy!

  4. WHAT?! You were planning to ride in Palm Desert?! I SOOOOOOOOOO could have used a friend out there in the massive oven!! :) I should probably read your next post though because it looks like perhaps something did not go as planned? :(