Monday, April 27, 2009

Farmers Markets & Tapering

Sunday I went to a local farmer's market. Good thing I rode that morning cuz I didn't leave until I had a few fruit samples, a Thai cicken stick, a Hawaiian chicken bowl, a chicken Gordita, and washed it all down with a Strawberry and Banana Crepe. UMM... Farmer's Markets are good.

Sunday was also the first real day of my "taper" for Wildflower. Not really a taper, just rode for about 2:15 on sunday, and ran the usual club tempo run tonight just slowed it down some. Tomorrow will be a trainer session and a slightly shortened swim. Then the "taper" really kicks in. I don't like tapering. If screws with my head and my body. Strange, never thought I would be complaining about rest. Tapers are not good.

But tomorrow night I also have a massage scheduled. It is going to be painful, again. But I know I will be feeling much better afterward. Massages are good.


  1. Wait til you taper for your IM - then you will be REALLY fun to hang out with! :) See you soon!