Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Ride!

Its been a while since I have put an entry up here, and that is due in large part to the fact that I have been totally consumed with training camp. Ok, 90% training, 5% driving and 5% training induced laziness.

However, the first San Diego camp with the Triathlon Squad is coming to a close, and despite picking up a little cold, things have gone well. I expected that camp would deliver me a swift and stern "welcome back" and deliver it did. Paulo put together a solid routine that left me pretty wasted at the end of nearly every day. Being my first camp back following an extended off season due to my injury, I expected a few hiccups.  And while I certainly bumbled about in a few workouts, my worst fears were abated and I survived. Stronger for it.

I was delivered a big boost partway through camp, and one that I am very excited to announce. I have very happy to say that BH Bikes brought me aboard their esteemed triathlon team! I am excited to be working with a brand that makes quality and PROVEN race machines (witness Eneko Llanos' sub 8 hour IM Arizona). BH is dedicated to the sport of triathlon and triathletes and that kind of support is highly valued. I am excited to be a part of a brand that truly cares about the athlete, the enhancement of their performance and their enjoyment of an active, sporting life.

I will be racing the GC Aero this year and my first impressions of the bike have been outstanding. I can clearly see how this machine has delivered Eneko, Angela Naeth and others to podiums around the globe. It is my plan to ride it to the same!