Monday, April 20, 2009

Bad Stomach... Bad Friend

Per my last post you can see my weekend plan included a Saturday trip out to the Desert for my buddy Scott's bachelor party. I was excited to go as the day would include a trip to the JW Desert Springs Marriott, which for a single guy, is, well... Heaven on Earth.

So Friday night Trish was nice enough to invite me over for some home cookin with her and Sean. Taco salad with brown rice. It was delicious.

Saturday morning = NO BUENO
I don't know what it was. It certainly wasn't anything with the food Trish made (it was GREAT and she and Sean felt fine), but my stomach was not happy. I think it may have been ALL the rice I ate. I normally don't eat much rice, and I ate tons on Friday. When I woke up all I could stomach was a banana and a couple gulps of H20. But I had to meet up for the morning run, so I went, hoping the running would settle the stomach. Long story short... 18mi later, without so much as a sip of water, I was finishing the run with the water I drank that morning still making sloshing sounds in my stomach. I made Sean and Bill stop about 6 times for bathroom breaks all to no avail in the stomach distress department. When I got home it was all I could do to eat a small cup of yogurt with some bran flake cereal.

I was supposed to leave about 10am, but with the stomach doing backflips and making noises like a mass of seething Revolutionaries, it was not looking good. Some 7-up-esque drink and a little down time was my only hope. By the time noon rolled around, my stomach had settled some, but every time I stood up it would take it as a signal to start its gymnastics routine again. So, I had to bail on the bachelor party. D, I think you sent me Karma overnight from Canada. I do not thank you for it.

Finally, about 2p.m. my stomach had calmed enough that I could head to the pool. After a brief and easy swim trying not to disturb my guts, I was off to the beach. A good visit with friends at my old apartment, was a great way to relax the rest of the day away.

Still not feeling all that hot, I ate a very small dinner of yogurt and some cereal.

Sunday was a big ride day. I awoke feeling MUCH better, had some oatmeal and banana, and was off. Sean, Bill and I met up after agreeing to Bill's insane idea of 5 loops of PV. Karma however seemed to have decided to join the group as well. 1st lap - Sean flats; 2nd lap - My aero bar forearm cup snaps off. So we stop at Bill's house and I wrap terry cloth towels around my base bar and duct tape them on to serve as pads. It was NOT too comfortable, but it sufficed. 3 more laps, 90 degrees in spots, 110mi and about 8,200ft of climbing later, and I was delivered to heart of Bonk town. Apparently Saturday's stomach issues and resulting lack of food intake had caught up to me. I just made it home. Shaking uncontrollably, black/green dots dancing across my eyeballs, and vertigo setting in, I wolfed down a banana, some Fluid recovery drink and some milk. Ice Bath and off to Burrito Recovery Heaven, a.k.a Riviera Mexican Grill. EXCELLENT!!

So, aside from getting in the miles, the weekend turned out to be less than stellar. I am a bad friend for missing the bachelor party & my bike is broken (I am sure due to karma for missing the Bachelor party). Spent some good time with a few friends I haven't hung with in a while though, and had a great Sunday recovery meal... So I guess the good outweighed the bad. But still feel like crap for missing the bachelor party.

Karma's a Bitch!


  1. Sorry about that. If it makes you feel any better, I'm on day 10 of the sick and you got better.

  2. Ohhhhhhhh bummer you had to miss the b party! I am glad you are feeling better. And you banked miles, always awesome!

  3. Shame about the party, I am sure it was fun. Bad karma is now gone..

  4. But you got through it! And THAT is really good! I'm sorry about the party...but really now - how much fun would you have had with an upset stomach?? With the stress and stuff, it probably would have gotten worse. Way to hang tough with the workouts though... I've got a hard time doing flip turns when my stomach is flip flopping :) Cheers for a better weekend next weekend!