Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hopeful ending

Last weekend marked the end of "real training" for Ironman Wisconsin.  My last task was a medium long run where I hit the trails to just run, not worry about pace, stride, or anything else.  Just go run.  It was one of the better runs I've had in recent memory.  This was the result:

Post run, and shower, it was time for dinner and I knew the perfect place to wrap it all up.  The weekend officially came to a close eating a great dinner watching a pod of Blue Whales swim off into this
I can't really think of a better way to wrap it all up.  I am hopeful that these are good signs for what is to come in Wisconsin, and that Sunday Spetember 12th will end just as well, if not better.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Big spectator weekend

As I am sure most all of you are aware, this last weekend was a jam packed one in the triathlon world.  Between TriCal's Alcatraz, Santa Barbara, IMs Canada & Louisville, and Chicago, there wasn't time for much else than spectating.

On Saturday I hit the alarm and the road at 0' dark 30 for Santa Barbara to watch and support a host of T3 athletes that were tackling the long course race.  They did not disappoint.  Danny Brienza came up BIG and had the overall victory almost in his grasp, losing it with less than 2mi to go.  He gutted it out the rest of the way and held on for 2nd.  Another big performance came from good friend and loyal training partner Bill MacLeod who used the fastest bike split and fastest run split in his age group to take 2nd in 50-54 and 19th overall.  Fellow IM Wisconsin racer in 2 weeks, Ryan Pearson, also stepped onto the 30-34 podium with a solid race.  Scott, Brynn, Christine and Chris all had very good races as well.
The only decent pic I got all day: Bill MacLeod heading out to put the hurt on

Charisa and Jason and Gaylen May headed even further North to take on Alcatraz.  As per usual, Jason CRUSHED the swim coming out of the water only 1second behind the fastest male pro swim split.  He went on to take 2nd AG and 4th amateur OA. SOLID!  Jason's better half, Gaylen, came up on only slightly shy of her husband, and used a dominating bike split to take 4th in her AG.  Charisa put a little spin on her usual race and showed some solid bike improvement, then (also per usual) ran her way up the rankings and into the $$ finishing 7th in the women's pro field.  Impressive given the amount of volume/IM focused training she has been doing.

In all it was a MONSTER weekend for T3 Performance Multisports.

After my spectating was done for the day, I was pretty wisped and enjoyed a restful remainder of the day.

Sunday was my last big day for IM Wisconsin. Another 7hrs of swim/bike/run went by without a hitch.  Nothing spectacular, but nothing unspectacular either which was all I was looking for.  The work is pretty much done now.  Just get there, execute, suffer, and hopefully finish with a smile.

Congrats again to all T3ers on smashing it this weekend.

Monday, August 23, 2010


I know I am slow on this but here is a quick recap of the last couple weeks goings on.

I went down to SD and Casa De Wernick for a big weekend in our IM Wisconsin build. I got down there on Thursday night and Charisa and I banged out a hearty trainer session in her backyard.  Pretty sure she is still mad at me for making her ride the trainer.

Friday, we were joined by Team Walsh (aka Beth n' James) for a 6hr ride with some good climbs.

Saturday we were joined by Kevin, James, and my buddy Jason from up here who was in SD visiting.  We revisited the old Henshaw loop and took a new (to me) route that tacked on some good climbing.  It is now my standard Henshaw route.  I like it alot.  Charisa got a ticket on the way home and that was all that put a damper on the great ride.  Surprisingly, and much to my joy, my run off the bike went very well.
 Sunday was supposed to be the longest ride of the weekend.  It started a bit rough when my heart threw a little temper tantrum and wouldn't pick up the pace, but I plied its willingness with a little caffeine from Peet's and it was back on line.  That day it was Kevin, Charisa, Beth & I.

Soon it ended up being Kevin and I after the girls "missed" a turn.  For a little while I was stoked as Kevin and I decided this was a golden opportunity to really turn this ride into a Monster.  About 2hrs later, I was riding along felt a bump bump bump. Stopped and looked at my front tire. It had a small bulge in it. I rolled up to Kevin, and we both watched the bulge grow and then explode the tire. This is the strangest thing I have ever had happen to me on a bike. Fortunately it happened when it did and not 10min earlier when I was doing 40+mph down Palomar. Unfortunately, you can't ride a tire like this
I was about 40mi from Casa de Wernick.  But luckily the male proprietor of CDW, Steven, obliged and came to my rescue.  He even brought me food and drinks!  I highly recommend this establishment if your ever in the area.  At least I had some nice views during my wait for the meatwagon.
I was a little bummed that I didn't get to finish the Monster ride with Kevin, who much to his credit pushed on solo.  But I still got in 100mi and 7,000ft of climbing so I wasn't too upset.

This weekend I again took Friday off and swam masters in the morning then got pummeled by Jason and Scott on a hilly ride in the Santa Monica Mtns. It felt good to rest up the rest of the day.

Saturday was a mean brick that ended up consisting of a masters session, a long bike and a run off with some race pace work.  A solid 8hr day, but again the bike problem Devil paid me a visit and broke my rear shifter.  So I rode from mile 80-120 with 2 gears, big ring or small and 15 in the rear.  A rushed trip to Helen's Santa turned up fruitless.  Again it seemed my Sunday MONSTER ride was doomed!  Instead coach and I came up with a plan that was sure to provide equal punishment as the original plan had.  So yesterday morning I racked my wounded horse onto the trainer and spent the next 3hrs banging out intervals as Coach Troy barked them out.  After a quick transition to the road bike I headed for the hills and spent the next 3.5hrs doing my best Thomas Voeckler impressions.

I was fully COOKED after that day in the saddle!

The big weekend was capped off with a SOLID long run this morning that included some race pace efforts and went MUCH better than I was sure it would after the weekends binge.  I am just hoping I can hold onto these good feelings until Ironman Wisconsin.  Something tells me race day isn't going to feel quite so good, but I am hoping the pain will pay off.  

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get your Kicks

It is HERE
Last year I ran Kona in the 2009 Zoot Alli'i shoes.  They were awesome! (I still have a pair that I wear sparingly to save em).  I ran the marathon sockless, dumped amounts of water on my head that would make me a conservationist's public enemy #1, and ended up with only a tiny blister on the tip of my middle toe due to that foot being slightly bigger than the other.  Ohh and I did happen to have THE FASTEST T2 IN THE RACE!!!  Chris McCormack was closest, about 5secs behind me! 

I have been eagerly anticipating this year's Alli'i and it is finally here.  This shoe, aside from having all the fantastic "Zootness" (light, drainage, seamless sockless liner, neoprene upper, elastic quicklace) is a work of art, and as such, is produced in limited numbers (the back of the shoe has your xxxx of 1700 right on it!).  So Check em OUT

There is a women's version as well that is equally AWESOME! And if you buy either (and you should;-)) use coupon code IMIKE-S for 10% off. 

Happy Shopping 

Monday, August 9, 2010

My New Office

I spent some time getting used to my new office this weekend.  Time WELL spent.

Here is the view:

And here is said new office:

I am insanely stoked on this bike.  It is very similar to the Triad I was riding before, but this is the Blue Triad SL.  It has just a little different carbon and is therefore a bit lighter and even a bit stiffer (I didn't think it was possible).  The main reason for the new rig was sizing.  After some time on the Triad, and some discussion with the guys at Blue, we figured I might be better off on a medium frame.  I can tell already that the change was for the better.  The bike feels great and I am even more impressed than I was before. An awesome machine.  If you are in the market for a new rig, I highly recommend you give Blue a serious look.

What was NOT awesome was forgetting my helmet for Saturday's ride.  Thankfully, my friend Matt came through with a spare:
At first glance its not that bad. From the front at least. But....
From the side....  Yeah, I spent 4hrs riding around the Santa Monica Mtns. and Malibu with that on my head. I am REALLY cool. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ultimate Christmas gift for a Spartacus Fan

Palos Verdes Bicycle Center has an INSANELY COOL bike on hand.  If you are, or someone very special to you is a Fabian Cancellara fan, there aren't many better gifts than this:


Fabian Cancellara is the world's fastest Time Trialist. He won two stages of the 2010 Tour de France, wore the yellow leader's jersey for several days, and earlier in the year won the Tour of Oman, Tour of Flanders, and the prestigious Paris-Roubaix. Cancellara has been riding a Specialized Tarmac S-Works SL3 with a custom paint job. Specialized made 75 copies only; we have one in size 56 and when it's gone there won't be any more made!!

I have seen this frame in person and it is BEAUTIFUL!!  If you're interested, act fast because it will not last.  Tell them I sent you.