Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Kicks

Recently I have been stuck in a shoe dilemma. I knew I needed some new race kicks but was hesitant as to which ones to purchase. After Oceanside however, my feet looked like this

That was the final straw and new shoes had to be purchased before Wildflower. After some internal debating and some goading from Bree, I had narrowed it down to Newton's and K-Swiss. For a while I had been intrigued by the Newton's but given that one of the biggest problems I have is the soggy feet issue, and that I was just recovering from the nagging calf injuries, I figured the K-Swiss, with their drainage holes and traditional sole, would be the better option.

Well Bree is no liar. I love these things and nobody is paying me, or giving me free pairs, to say it. They are awesome. Anyone in the market for new racing shoes, I highly recommend the K-Ona's

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  1. ewwwww, bad foot picture! That does not go well with my morning coffee!