Tuesday, December 29, 2009

X Mas

This was the view on my Christmas morning.

Back in the pool I be this week. Two days of back to back 6,000m efforts and I am feeling good. It is amazing to me that I basically swam 12,000yds as a maximum per WEEK until about September of last season. Hopefully the jump in distance will make a difference. It certainly has on my skin. I feel like a total girl looking for lotion all the time, carrying it in my car, keeping it in my desk, etc...

Here's to a fun filled New Years Eve and a happy and prosperous New Year to all.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Merry & Dry Christmas

This week was a "rest" week, which to Coach, meant a perfect opportunity to work on my swim. Heavily. So it was back-to-back masters workouts each morning but Wednesday. I got a morning reprieve on Wednesday but was sent to the pool at lunch. At least the sun was out. This morning's swim was the biggest of the week, and appropriately, finished it off. All the pools around here are closed on Christmas, and though I am sure it crossed his mind, Coach was kind enough not to send me out in the ocean. So Christmas day will be my first "dry" day this week.

In the end it was my biggest swim week ever, topping out at just over 25,000yds. Surprisingly, and despite my worst fears, my arms remain firmly affixed to my torso. Even more surprisingly, I still felt pretty strong in the water today. Maybe its working? It was a satisfying week, but no time to bask in my PR. The next plan hasn't been delivered yet, but I have already been told it will include a bigger yardage number for each successive week to come. Yikes!!

So tomorrow I will be enjoying my Christmas being dry & drinking hot chocolate. I hope that you all (mom & Danyel), do the same. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc... Stay warm and DRY!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Save the Date

Tomorrow, on NBC, at 4:30 eastern time, Ironman Hawaii 2009 will air. You might just see my back running the other way Craig Alexander passes Chris Lieto. Either way should be a good show.

I took the morning off this morning so I could get in my training before the office Christmas party and tonights T3 Performance Multisports Christmas party. It was a damn fine day to have the morning off.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Article ?s

Yes that is my mug some of you may have seen staring back at you in the new edition of Inside Triathlon. I was fortunate enough to be asked to do a photo shoot and interview with the folks at Inside Triathlon the day after Kona and the current article is the result.

I have received some questions from people regarding the article, and I am clarifying some things here:

1. Yes I did win my Kona slot at Cal. 70.3 last year. The article says I won it at Ironman Coeur d'Alene but that was a miscomunication. I won my age group at IM CdA but already had the Kona slot.

2. Yes I did get a coach between IM CdA and yes I give big credit to him for the 11min time drop at Kona. His name is Dirk Achmoneit (aka the Dirkinator) and he is the REAL DEAL. www.coachingbio.com.

And finally,

3. No, I do NOT hate children. While I am not 100% sure I want them, my "Thank God" expression to close out the article simply expresses my thankfulness that I don't have any now. I am also thankful for my awesome sister Danyel who took it upon herself to shoulder the "producing grandchildren" burden all by herself. She has given our family (most importantly my Mom) 5 incredible kids and thereby satisfied my Mom's grandchildren needs. Thanks D.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Inbound Weekend

The weekend is inbound in more ways than one.

Due to the insanely harsh winters we get here in CA (that was for you Bob ;-)), it looks as though I will be logging some more bonding time with my trainer.

I was really looking forward to getting out on the road this weekend as I have been stuck on the trainer every day this week, but alas, those hopes have been dashed by the weather forecast. its gonna be wet. And after our last ride was halted due to weather, I just don't want to find myself in that position again. Plus, despite all his awesomeness, I HIGHLY doubt Ken Bauer will be coming to the rescue all the way from Carlsbad. The man is great, but he has his limits.

So here's hoping Sunday will at least bring "spotted showers." I would much rather bear that than several more hours on the trainer.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holy Breath Fog

I live in Southern California. A suburb of Los Angeles, about 30mins to 3hrs Southwest of Downtown/Staples Center, depending on traffic.

This morning it was 37 degrees F when I left my house for my morning run. It was not fun. I found myself wondering what exactly "they" call the fog that one emits/creates when running in these temps. While trying to run and concentrating on not losing my balance on my numb feet, "Breath Fog" was all I could think of. I guess its all "they" could think of as well, because the temple of all information that is Google, told me this:
"Breath Fog" comes from breathing cold air through your nose & mouth into your warm lungs. When exhaled, this moisture-laden air creates a fog.

Well this morning there was a whole lot of it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Worth a Thousand words.

Thanks to an awesome sister who clearly knew exactly what type of "recovery" beverage was necessary, and made sure it was on hand, the elder Pearson has what may be one of the best Ironman Finish photos of all time.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Few minutes to burn??

Check out this site: Where’s Rob?

Some pretty funny stuff. Goodhearted, nobody gets hurt, comedy. Putting a smile on faces.

Enjoy and have a good weekend.


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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And Here. We. Go.

I know I posted a bit ago about "off-season" being officially over, but now it really is. Similar to the "do you like her, like her, or just like her?"; off-season is now "over, over" instead of just "over."

The last couple weeks I received e-mails from a nice man named Dirk, suggesting "key workouts" I should be doing.

The e-mail I received Sunday night revealed the nice man was sent packing and the Dirkinator was back in full effect! He is who I will be dealing with for the next 10-11mos.

In true "calm before the storm" style, Monday was a complete rest day. Tuesday had some decent activity. This morning my heart rate topped out at 176 on the TRAINER!! And from the looks of it, I should being seeing similar numbers later this evening.

Yes, ladies and gents, the Dirkinator is back with a vengeance!

2010. Here. We. Come.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A wet one

Before I left for Carlsbad last weekend, Charisa texted me the following: "Wahooo Rain forecast for Saturday!" She comes from Chicago and various other places that actually have "seasons" and "weather", and obviously, sometimes she misses those things. I come from Southern California, and do not share her enthusiasm for rain, wind, cold, etc.... Well on Saturday, despite a little water on the ground and some windy conditions we saddled up and hit the roads for a ride. Not 10 mins in, we got hit with a drenching and even some hail on our way to pick up Alan. Kevin and I were riding side-by-side and I just kept my head down looking about 5ft in front of me. I told him he had to warn me of anything coming up.

Totally soaked, we got to Alan's and the rain stopped. We rode for the next couple hours in what would have been rather pleasant conditions had my feet not been totally soaked and frozen. Sunlight broke through and some dry roads were had. We hit the store in Rainbow, CA for some refueling and our luck changed again. A slight sprinkle had us heading indoors to "wait it out." That sprinkle quickly gained momentum and soon turned into this:
5mins of "waiting it out" turned to 15min. Then the temps dropped noticeably, and the hail started
15mins turned to 30mins then the lightning and thunder came, a nearby transformer was struck & the power in the store went out.

It was time to call in the meat wagon. Ken Bauer (Charisa's dad) to the rescue! Clearly I was happy to see him. He to see me... maybe not so much.