Friday, April 3, 2009

This time tomorrow...

(8:20am) I hope to be about an hour into the bike leg of Cal. 70.3. The time has come. The first real race of the season. Time to see if the marathon training helped or hurt. Time to see if my attempt to eat right has yielded any better performance (I highly doubt it due to my inability to conquer cravings).

This is going to be a big test. This race has a DEEP field of fast dudes. To be honest, I wish I felt better. I don't feel as "fit" as I would like to (will I ever?), and if I were a cartoon, the legs/calves would have some serious question marks hovering around them. My stomach has gone into full on butterfly incubator mode, and I just hope that is a good thing. Someone once said, if you don't have nerves, your heads not in it (or something to that effect). I hope he was a smart man.

So for now, its just more excruciating waiting before I jump into the frigid Pacific tomorrow morning at 6:40 for a warm up and then hear the gun at 6:50ish. I leave in about an 2.5 hours. That seems long.


  1. Go get 'em man, just let the mind go and race. BTW, I'm the someone who came up with the nerves saying, and yes, I'm a smart man.

  2. You will rock!!! And just go out and have fun - you already know how to race hard :) And then after we can hang out . . .

  3. I'm so sick of waiting too. I'm ready to race already!!

    See you on the course. Well, actually you'll be miles and miles ahead of me, so good luck!

  4. YEAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! Have a blast, enjoy it, and then celebrate with Charisa (anytime you got a fun thing planned after a race they go better).

    Chillax dude, it's just a race!!

  5. holy amazing race you had! my question is how you going to do kona w/ the gnarly race schedule i see on the right?

    all your hard work paid off...glad i found your blog today (through D's)

  6. So you are bound for Hawaii? Congrats, although it kinda screws up your summer doesn't it.

    Oh well, what else would you do. Jolly Good Show.