Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Train-cation #2

Earlier this year Charisa and I took a trip out to Tucson to put in some solid training before the season officially got under way. Today, I am off on another trip to put the finishing touches on my Ironman Lake Placid training. Tucson was awesome. But I have a sneaking suspicion that KONA is going to be just a tad better. I leave you with what I will likely be seeing tonight.


  1. SWEEEEEEEEEET!!! Enjoy and train like a maniac! :)

  2. Alright, my turn to be jealous. Rip it up out there and tell the gang I said Howdy.

  3. Where are you staying? That looks suspiciously like the the view I had when I was there.

    Have a great time! I would love to get back.

  4. I hate you!!!!!
    Only joking. Have a great time and happy training!