Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things the Interweb doesn't tell you

For several months now I have followed a little man by the name of Kiet Tran's blog. We became FB friends (which really means we are like brothers right?), and discussed triathlon and other issues via e-mail. In short, when he decided to come down this weekend to SD to train with Charisa (our meeting followed nearly identical lines) it felt like I already "knew" him.

So it was pretty funny when after about an hour of hanging out, I realized that I had been pronouncing his name wrong since I first read it. In my head (as well as Charisa's and Bree's), his name was Kiet (Keet). In reality, its Kiet (Key-ette) or something like that. But the guy is cool enough that he doesn't care. Charisa and I had to ask him how to say it properly. His response: "However you want to say it is fine. I know you're talking to me." Pretty classic. Apparently Bree refuses to pronounce it properly and just refers to him as Keet or Pinoy. Things that the Internet can't teach you.

Pronunciation lessons wasn't all that went on this weekend. There was some baking, some riding, some caffinating, some running and lots of laughing.

For a pictorial recap click here and for an AWESOME video that Kiet put together, click here.


  1. I think it's soooo funny when I realize I've been saying (or thinking in my head) someone's name wrong (FOR AGES) because I've only ever read it (FB/blogs/internet in general) and never heard it. Hard to get the wrong pronunciation out once you get so used to it though! :) Anyway - sounds like you guys had a great weekend of training - another one in the books!

  2. That is one AWESOME video. Blog world ROCKS!!!!

  3. That video was great! What's up with the matchy outfits you two?

  4. Bree also calls me Keeters, Pinoy Monster, PM, anything but my real name. It's all good.

    You and Charisa are the real deal. I see many more training stints in our future. Rock BFS this weekend!

  5. That video is awesome, I've watched it several times already :)