Friday, June 18, 2010

New training

I am off to SD again this weekend, but with Boise just a week ago and Buffalo Springs just a week away, we are doing a new sort of training.

Some new peeps will be along for the ride as well. Keit is down from up north and though his sabatical is over, he isn't quite ready to let it go just yet. And Charisa's homestay friends from Boise, Brian and Teidji (T-G), are paying back the visit and joining us. I am probably most happy to report that Kevin is back on the train as well. His back is all healed up and he is ready to roll.

Should be fun.


  1. Look out for that Kiet in the water! tn

  2. Teresa - No kidding. Dude is fast. Sneaky fast. Swam with him at Kona Aquatics b4 Honu.

    Ian - Have a good weekend. Boise is behind you and you can't do anything about the result. Look forward to Buffalo Springs and expect good things.

  3. Well, what's the "new sort of training" part?!

  4. And the question is, how were the Bree-recipe cookies?