Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Country

In a few hours I am off to the land of everything BIG, Texas, for Buffalo Springs 70.3. Another stacked mens field (Crowie, Terrenzo, Lieto, etc...) with what could be some interesting weather (read: HOT & Sticky).

I made a purchase this week of a new digital camera, so hopefully I will have some good pics to post on here from now on, thus saving you from my usual verbosity.



  1. Hey, have a safe trip and good luck at the race, And yay for some photos.

  2. Good luck this weekend. Will this be you first time in Texas?

    PS. The captcha word is SWEET

  3. Have a great race Ian! I look forward to the pics and the usual verbosity.

  4. Hey, Hope you are much happier with this result. Way to stick with it after some disappointment in ID. Looking forward to the RR and some pics.