Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kona Part 1 in photos (mostly)

That was the first photo I took on the Big Island. Not a bad site to see.

Dare I say, and pardon the pun, but the Kona trip was a "smashing" success. I had an incredible trip with some great people and some truly ass kicking sessions thanks to my hosts Hillary and Maik.
This is the Harbor and the view (sort of) one gets when sitting at the Harbor House enjoying a schooner of beer. Sadly, this trip was sans a trip to the HH as a "No Schooners" rule was in effect.

Bree's son Kainoa had his 4th birthday early in my trip and we celebrated with a beach party and turtles were invited.

I knew heading to the island that I would be doing some serious training, that was the whole point. I just wasn't aware that training would involve so much racing. The first race came only a few days into my stay when Hillary and I joined Bree and some of her swimming friends for the Hapuna Beach 1 mile rough water swim. This is held at the same beach as Honu 70.3. the wind came up early that day and the swim lived up to its "rough water" name.
Post swim. Hillary wouldn't permit me to wear my regular drag shorts so I apologize for the speedo shots.
On our cool down swim (dive)
Not a bad day!

More to come.


  1. Great pics. I am glad the trip was such a success.

  2. Love seeing all my blogosphere peeps hanging out together!

  3. Yeah, ditto what Kathleen said, our worlds just got a bit smaller. Looks like you got a lot of practice racing in and you're right, Kona does have a lot of races.