Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boise 70.3

Its taken me a while to get around to writing this race report. I was anything but pleased with my performance last Saturday, and I didn't want to pen a report that sounded like a whining little school girl. I still don't. So excuse (or welcome) the brevity hereof, I figured I would save you the dramatics.

Swim: 26:54
I started off pretty good and was actually happy with my ability to hold with the lead of the pack for the longest time I have yet. I was thinking this could be the start of an good day. I was wrong. About 500m in I blew up. Ended up swimming the 2nd half alone. My swim sucked. I got caught and passed by Julie Dibbens.

Bike: 2:23
In my head I had set a goal of riding 2:15. I got on my bike, and my friend and guy who continues to dominate me in these races (I'm 0-3 against him), Nicholas Thompson, immediately passed me. Others soon followed suit. I struggled along for the whole ride. The wind, the heat, the course, none of it was an issue or an excuse. I just couldn't put down any power. I was barely able to catch Julie before the end.
Thanks to Sue Hutter for the photos of me piddling along.

Run: 1:25
I went out on the run right with Nick from above. He promptly dropped me at about mile 2. Just like in the bike, others followed suit. I actually felt halfway decent for much of the run, I just couldn't find that "next gear."
End of 1st lap
Start of 2nd lap
Coach Dirkenator emphasizing exactly how slow I was
At least its over

This week and next are a somewhat strange combo of recovery, training & tapering for Buffalo Springs 70.3 on June 27th. Here's hoping for a much better day in Texas.

Thanks to all those who make it possible: Zoot,, Blue, Powerbar & PV Bike Center. I hope to redeem myself and do you proud soon.


  1. All apart of "the plan" you mentioned in the last post, right? You're a beast! Top 20 and not at peak. You'll do great in TX, trust the process, keep your head held high and keep crushing it. Word!

  2. Not so great days make the GREAT ones that much better. Go get 'em in Texas!!tn

  3. its the bad days that help us get faster and also help us in knowing ourselves a little better as well. Great work pushing thru a hard day!

  4. just keep doing what you are doing dude! your breakthrough race is right around the corner!

  5. You failed to mention all the crazy stuff we've been doing the past 5 weeks. :) IMLP is our A-race anyway - you will nail that one fosho!

  6. You are tough on yourself no doubt! :) But no matter how you look at it, it wasn't an A race and you did some crazy 10,000 mile ride the weekend before and you probably knew it wasn't going to be or feel spectacular in Boise! Either way - I am always so impressed by you guys. Have a blast in Texas and best of luck! And of course...IMLP on the horizon...wooo-hoooo!!

  7. If you are not happy with the race (I know I would be) then you just move on and learn from it. I am sure you will be kicking some butt very soon.
    Remember that most of your competitors do not have to do the office job as well.

  8. You were still fast...its just relative for you I guess with all that training in the bag. Excited to see what an unload before IMLP is going to move your "fast" to.

    If anything else at least you got an awesome picture of you on the bike! That pic is sick!