Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Usually, anytime "they" say Southern California got hit with some "real weather" it is considered a drastic overstatement per the definition of 90% of the rest of the country. However, after a week straight of rain, wind, hail, flooding, TORNADOES (not kidding), and snow, I think the weather system that moved through So. Cal. last week would meet anyone's definition of a "real weather."

I was lucky enough to have a recovery week on the schedule, although I am sure Coach was kicking himself as it would have provided some great opportunities to work on my mental toughness. And my luck continued into the weekend as the weather cleared and we were left with clear skies and sunshine for all of Saturday and Sunday.

It was Sean's B-day party on Saturday afternoon, so the training got started early with a quick ride and long run brick. A good day on both accounts. Made even better by closing it out with some good company, good food & drinks, and this view to top it off:

I know I am bad about the picture taking, but its usually because I am riding with a group and don't want to slow everyone up. Well Sunday, I had 6hrs of riding by myself, and I vowed to be better with the camera. Here's what I saw:
Sunday started with a view of Marina Del Rey & Snow Capped Mtns.
Leo Carillo State Beach
Leo Carillo from Mullholland Highway
Mullholland Canyon
And the ride ended with a Sunset on Redondo Beach & Palos Verdes.

A pretty awesome day in the saddle.


  1. What amazing views! I really do live in the wrong doubt about it. ;) Glad you had such a great ride!

  2. My view beats your view because my view has red wine.

  3. I hate every damn last one of you with your "views." And your "wine" - you and your wine - you can suck it. If my trainer rides continue to build mental toughness at this rate I am going to be one badass mofo by the time winter is over. In May.

  4. Great pics. And so my plans for getting a small "holiday" condo in South Cali are revived.

  5. Now THIS is a good post!! Nice pics :)