Friday, January 8, 2010


Sometimes it strikes me how we say things as greeting or parting salutations, that are treated as totally meaningless. "What's up?" Made an annoying spectacle of by the Bud Light commercials of a few Super Bowls ago. "How ya doin?" Similar query and likewise, usually totally ignored. Seriously, say "what's up" to 10 people and see how many of them actually answer reporting something that is going on. Better yet, see how many answer with "good" or "fine" I love it when that happens. Sometimes its pretty funny what we say.

Today I held the elevator for a guy. When he got off he said "Thanks, have a good day." I responded with "See ya later Partner." Partner? Seriously? What the hell was that? I don't think I have ever called anyone "partner" I didn't even think to say it. I stood there thinking to myself "Where the Hell did that come from?!" The word just came out of my mouth.

I am off to SD and the Casa de Wernick Resort and Spa this weekend. It will be great to return to the old training grounds with the old crew. I am really looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend. Partners.


  1. Didn't you mean "pardner," Pardner? Have fun with the Wernick's.

  2. Were you wearing a cowboy hat at the time? I suggest that for Monday morning. I'd love to hear what the boss had to say about that ;)

  3. hey chief, i think all the swimming (chlorine) is getting into your brain. have a good weekend... Pal.

  4. my "A" goal this season is to get fast enough to get invited to the training parties.... :)

    but seriously, you should come stay at our place one weekend. you can ride with james and i can pick your brain on dirkisms.

  5. The partner thing totally cracked me up. Really? That's totally something I would say and then totally wonder why... ;)

  6. That is pretty funny. I say strange things like that all the time. Thanks for an interesting blog.