Thursday, January 14, 2010


After some persuading and nagging, Coach finally submitted and let me return to Club Ed and the Wednesday night track workouts. This is the club that really got me into running. Ed Avol is the master!

Last season Coach was worried about my calf injuries and just injuries in general given the increased workload he was putting me through. So he excluded track from my schedule. This season, he is not as worried and my persistence paid off. Last night was my first night back with the Club Eders and Ed had a good one in store for us. After a brutal trainer session in the morning, 4 miles at speed had me thoroughly SHELLED. This morning's masters was rough and I had to take a NAP when I got back. Proof that my return to Club Ed was WORK!! Stoked to be back.


  1. I've never found any type of training as hard as a track workout. They are killers for sure!! Way to get back to it. Scary to think how fast you were without them last year - and how much faster you will be this year! :)

  2. Yay track! That's what kicked my ass this week too. Tempo was ugly tonight because of it. :D

  3. Great work mate. I think I need to get back to track too. Keep up the great work. See you in March :)

  4. Our outdoor tracks are covered with snow and any indoor tracks are inconvenient to get to. (Don't cry for me, Argentina.) My coach hasn't suggested track workouts yet anyway, so I don't know what I'm bitchin' about.

    Enjoy your little runs on the oval.