Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Translated = Sun and HILLS

That was my weekend. With one month of "real" training in the books it was time to get back to the training grounds of North County SD with Charisa, Kevin and the crew. Saturday was a nice 4hr ride where we stuck to the flats along the coast. The group got a little broken up because I had to ride for 4hrs while most others were going 3. But like a true soldier, Jonathan (the medic who caught me (literally) after the finish at Oceanside last year) , showed his colors and stuck with me. In fact, at a red light he stuck a little too close, and when I pulled up quick (admittedly without warning to him) his wheel found mine and down he went. Fortunately, no harm to bike or body and we were back on it when the light went green.

Sunday was SUPPOSED to be an easy 5hrs, flat terrain, high cadence. Well, we all got conned into letting Tall Nick lead the ride and that wasn't really in his plan. Granted, I knew with Nick, Patrick Baldwin and this dude Phil (former BMXer or Mtn. biker who does things that I thought could not be done on a road bike), that the ride would not be "easy" at all times, but this route was more than I had bargained for. 3hrs in and some BURLY hills and I was cursing nick under my insanely heavy heaving breaths. Its really not that cool to get to the top of a climb where you swear you almost puked your pancreas, and see some guy (Phil) alternating between balancing on his front and rear wheel standing still. After each turn I figured, "Ok that has to be the top." But no, the hits just kept on comin. Charisa has some cool pics of the ride here. Finally out, we had a good flat section back to Carlsbad and actually only ended going a little over on time.

All in all, another great weekend in the SD training books with some awesome friends and training partners.

I will devise a scheme to get back at Tall Nick for this though.


  1. Apparently all you have to do is pull too close to Tall Nick and he will tip right over (read: kick him in the "bottom bracket" and send him sprawling to the asphalt.)

  2. in his defense, tall nick DOES make a good wind shield, though. he literally let me sit on his shoulder for 8 miles of a WINDY half marathon. it was awesome.

  3. Charisa has to tell me next time no hills - 5 hours flat. She was talking about climbing Couser and Rice. I figured De Luz would do the same with a change of scenery. Phil - that guy is in a league of is own.

    Next time you are in town let's do the Henshaw Loop with Mesa Grande - I will buy the pie at Santa Ysabel.

    Eager to see you back down here. Might even have to do some pizzas for the crew then after a good ride back at my place.

    Nick B

  4. Can't wait to hear what you have in store for Tall Nick.

  5. Tall Nick rocks - did ya see my Kona finish photo? :) And oops - CBB forgot to email you pics - sorry bout that!

  6. My chiropractor will be sending you my bill :)