Sunday, February 1, 2009

2:45 and then...


So the legs held up and seems I hadn't forgotten how to run during my taper (as I thought I had) and I was able to run a 2:45:32 today, which was good enough for 6th place overall and 3rd n my age group. Thanks to all those who sent their well wishes.

My plan was to go out somewhere b/t a 6:20 & 6:30 pace for the first half and see how I felt thereafter. I went out a little quick (1st mile 6:05) but settled in after that and ran just at a 6:30 for the first half. About mile 14.5 I was feeling really good and decided to start picking it up a bit. At about 15.5mi I checked the Garmin and saw a 5:55 pace and thought, "Oh S#!t" I may have put myself in for some hurting in the final miles because of it. So I calmed down a little and settled back into about a 6:20 for the next 5 or so. After the turn around at 20, I was surprised I was still feeling pretty solid except for some blister issues on the right foot and a quad problem on the left. Respiratory and energy wise however, I felt solid. At the 23 marker, the quad had become a little more of an issue, and when I tried to kick it into that final gear, it voiced its protest rather aggressively and I knew I wasn't going to find that gear. But I was able to catch and pass one more runner and thought I might be able to catch one more but came up about 150 yards short.

While I did feel pretty strong, even in the final miles, I couldn't help but laugh to myself at about mile 23 thinking about how asinine it is to even contemplate those miles after 112 on the bike!! How the nutbags like Macca and Alexander run 2:45 and faster after the bike, is beyond me. I simply cannot fathom. Which brings me to my reality check story. As I was discussing the race at a super bowl party with a friend who ran the half today, I realized I was telling her that 16 weeks was plenty of time to train for the Rock n Roll San Diego full in June. That's when it hit me that IM CDA is in June as well, which means I have about 19 weeks. I guess I better start tyring to figure out how you nutbags do it.

Overall, I am stoked. Don't feel terribly sore, and I don't think the quad is anything Doc. Ryan can't take care of.

Oh, and P.S. the Carrot Cake was ECELLENT!!!


  1. Congrats - awesome, awesome race!!

  2. This is incredible, D told me how you did so I didn't rush to read the race report, but know I know, AMAZING! Today I had to run mile repeats at 6 and just under, but only a couple, too embarrassed to even say how few considering you ran 26. 2 of them at 6 something!

    Happy recovery, totally stoked for you!