Monday, February 9, 2009

KONA Bound!!!

Man how I wish I could be writing those words with the meaning all triathlete's immediately think of upon hearing such an exclamation. Maybe someday... For now I have to settle (can it really be called settling?) for a little training vacation. Saturday night I went out to an awesome steak dinner with friends, who were nice enough to invite me to ruin their romantic island getaway and accompany them to Kona for Lavaman. Needless to say, I bit, and will be visiting the tri Mecca come March 26th!! And yes this will be my first time.

I thought about, and still am sorta entertaining the idea of racing Lavaman, but given that it is only a week before California 70.3, I don't think I will. Rather, I will take the trip as an opportunity to get in some radical training on the IM course, see the sights, wine & dine, and help support my two good friends in the race. I think the term... and someone correct me if I'm using it wrong, is "Spectathlete". That will be me.

So to put it mildly, this weekend turned out to be a pretty damn good one. The legs came along rather quickly post marathon, my new bike (sans fork) arrived in CA on Friday, I had a decent run and a good swim on Saturday then was privileged enough to attend my Grandma's (aka - "Gramcracker's") 90th birthday celebration with many family members and friends, then went to a bomb ass dinner (bone in Filet Mignon) with great wine and great friends, and then be invited on a trip to Hawaii. Not a bad weekend at all. Even my alarm blaring into my head at 4:58am couldn't wipe the smile off my face.
This is going to make for a busy March and beginning of April:
1. March 6-8 Trifest, Tucson, AZ
2. March 13-15th, Bachelor Party, Phoenix, AZ
3. March 26 -31st, Kona, HI
4. April 4th, Oceanside, California 70.3

That is quite a hustled travel schedule for me, but I can't wait to get over to Kona and train!!


  1. OH MY GOSH! You ARE coming to my home! YES! Fun times ahead! You will LOVE it, you will never go back! This will be cool...

    Let me know if you need anything when you are here, like a nice smashing into the lava or a place to jump off cliffs or where to get sushi rolls! AND get the shoes, you'll love those too!

    AND Lavaman, you HAVE to do it! Who is your coach, I bet you a dollar they would tell you it is smart to do that race as a "tune up". Think about it.

    Lavaman is the most fun Olympic Distance ever! You swim over coral, then bike the queen k, then run on the lava rocks in the heat, then on a coral trail, and finish in the sand!

    Okay, thats a wrap, I have rambled toooo much!

  2. I'll agree with Bree that Lavaman is a great race. But if it's too long, there's a nice little sprint race on Oahu the same day.

    Nice job on the marathon the other day. And carrot cake is the best recovery food.

  3. You might have a HI fan club, it seems. Do both, I am :)