Friday, February 6, 2009

All Smiles

Last night was my first time back running since the Marathon. Who knew 4 days of not running could leave me jonesing even for a treadmill!?!? Yes, with the rain here, I was forced to take that first run on the "Make you wanna punch someone" machine, but the time off and the upper limit of 4mi kept me from getting too edgy. Overall I'd say I was rather pleased with the way my body has responded (way better than last year), and the run went alright. Some strange sensations crept into the legs after about a mile, but nothing "painful" per se, so I kept going. My left quad definitely was feeling it the most but nothing too remarkable. So at 31mins and 4mi, I called it quits. The stiffness was immediate but with only a mile drive to home and the ice bath, it was short lived.

This morning I was relieved to find seemingly no lasting effects in the sticks from last night. An hour on the trainer and they still felt pretty darn good, although I am sure they would have felt better had "Coach Troy" been replaced with Rachel's view! (I mean COME ON!?!?! Does it get any better?) So another hour on the "Steel Wheel" tonight with my friend/nemesis Coach Troy, and then its the Saturday mornin Club Run (most likely to be a little moist).

As if it being Friday, and the legs apparently recovering nicely, weren't enough, this is the e-mail that greeted me when I arrived in the office chair this morning

That's right... There she is!! All snug and warm for her trip half-way across the globe, my new bike has arrived in California. Albeit, without a fork, she is here and thanks to the highly commendable efforts of a great friend, will be delivered fork and all, on Tuesday. To say I am excited to get back on a tri bike is an understatement. To say that I am excited to get on a brand spankin new tri bike is an EXTREME understatement!! As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." In this case it is certainly true, but since this post is already long, I will only use 4: I AM F-ING PUMPED!!! Big ups Jimbo!!

Have an awesome weekend. Adios.

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