Saturday, January 31, 2009

T minus 20 hours...

Thats right, they start things early in Huntington I guess. So it will be a Sunrise start at 6:50 tomorrow morning for the Surf City Marathon. I have the typical race nerves and anxiety (actually kinda atypical for me) but we shall see. I am feeling pretty good (I think). Its kinda strange, I have never really gotten used to this whole taper business and it is playing havoc on my mind. But, again, we shall see.

We have assembled a little crew of 5 and set a challenge. Whoever doesn't beat their respective goal has to rock a speedo only in a sprint tri this season a-la Faris Al-Sultan. For the sake of all the spectators at the sprint, I will do my best to prevent them from having to suffer through such an atrocious site. So its sub 2:55 or eternal embarrassment. Should be motivation enough, don't ya think?


  1. IAN!
    Own it... I am rooting for you! Have a GREAT marathon!! So wish I was running with you, something about a marathon without 112 miles before it totally fires me up!

    YOU can do it! 2:55, get on it!

  2. Sorry what was that about your taper? I thought you weren't having a taper tantrum :P

  3. holy smokes, man!! you did it and THEN some.

  4. Just saw D's blog and had to come say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You KILLED that goal.. I can't imagine what a 2:45 feels like, but I bet it's bad ass :) And sore tomorrow. Well done!