Friday, February 13, 2009

Ready to Roll

I really can't believe how excited I was to be back on a tri bike after my long off season seemingly spent doing my best to convince others I was a "roadie". God I am glad thats over. Thanks to Mondo and Manny at Ted's Manhattan, the new rig is fully assembled and ready to rock. After an awesome fitting by the aforementioned last night, some pretty significant adjustments were made to last season's position. Anybody else still get nervous as you watch saw blades being taken to your precious new carbon? I do! Despite my uneasiness, my faith in Mondo was well placed! The new set up, while this morning's trainer session proved it will take a little getting used to, feels good and fast. Hopefully it will lead to some big drops off my pathetic bike splits from last season! Here is a pic of the lady, mind you she is in business casual attire here, maybe I'll post a pic of her all dolled up for a big dance in her race wheels later.

I really cannot believe it has been this long since I've ridden a tri bike. I thought about it last night while I was escorting the lady home, and realized the last time I rode a tri bike was Clearwater. Jeez, thats like over 3 mos. This may not be a big break for some of you, but it is definitely my longest. I think I am going to pay for it during my first couple weeks back in the saddle. Looming discomfort notwithstanding, with rain expected almost all weekend, the new rig even has me excited for some long trainer sessions! Although, I am sure that will fade... fast.

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  1. Sweet bike!

    I need to bring my rig in for some re-fitting myself. I think there's cobwebs on it at this point!