Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3 days for 2 wheels

With the tri bike all set up and begging for some miles, I took this 3 day weekend as an opportunity to do some "catching up" on the tri bike after my time out of the saddle. After 3 days and 180 miles, I can say the new rig is quite nice.

Saturday was a 13mi run with the Club in the morning then an afternoon ride on the Santa Ana River trail. I had never ridden the trail before. I caught myself laughing as we got out towards Corona, next to the 91fwy and I started thinking about where I was. You see, when I was a younger chap, my grandparents lived out in Canyon Lake, and I can't possibly count the number of times we drove the 91 out to there place. To pass the time, I always looked off into the surrounding towns and the golf courses. Never did I imagine I would be riding a bike out there, let alone doing it from Newport Beach and back. How times change I guess?

Sunday was a mellow ride in and around Irvine, Laguna, Newport & Huntington. Thankfully the rain held off long enough that we stayed dry the entire way.

Since it was pouring rain when the club was to meet for our Monday tempo run, I took the opportunity on Monday to honor our Nation's Presidents by spending 3 hours hanging out with Coach Troy and the trainer. 3 hours proved to be quite a while on the steel wheel, and while it certainly wasn't "fun" it was well worth it. Following that up with a 4mile run had me ready for some flannel PJ's and a nap. Still getting used to the new position, and the legs are a little sore, but I think with some more mileage, I should feel right at home come Oceanside.

My Valentine, aka "Mom", gave me a pretty sweet Valentine's day gift that has already yielded some pretty delicious concoctions. This thing is awesome! No doubt many more a nutritious recovery drinks and snacks are headed my way. I highly recommend it.


  1. 3 hours with Coach Troy is always a good time - haha! :)

  2. You lucky dawg, that thing isn't cheap. You owe your momma big time. My income bracket is more of the Jack LaLanne juicer.