Monday, January 26, 2009

T minus 6 Days

So after a couple of days of swapping out runs for swims and trainer time, and a couple of sessions with the PT, the legs, and particularly the calf, are feeling much better. I think last week, especially Monday night, were caused by some delayed onset fatigue and soreness. I seriously have never felt that way before and don't want to again. My runs last Wed, Thurs, and Sat were pretty much pain free. While my legs felt tired and sluggish on Sat, it was still much better. So knock on wood, seems like the calf strain may not be a problem for my Marathon this Sunday.

As far as the marathon goes, had you asked me 2 weeks ago how my training was coming along, I would have told you I was really happy with it and felt good about my chances of going sub 2:55. Now... not so much. I am not quite sure what it is. Just one of those things that you can't quite put your finger on, but you know you are not feeling 100%. Something just seems off. I had a relatively easy training weekend (Sat = 9mi run; 2,500 swim; Sun = 45mi bike) and still felt exhausted last night. I can't really describe it, its like I'm tired, sore & physically fatigued, without doing the workload it usually takes to get me there. Ohh well... not much I can do about it now huh? I just hope that in the next 6 days this crap will go away!! I trained for it and I want sub 2:55 in a BAD way.

But I make NO EXCUSES!!! Run and see. What I run is what I run and I will not make any excuses. What I run on Sunday will be the fastest I can run on the training I did. I don't break 2:55, I didn't train right to get there.


  1. got get 'em, ian!!! can't wait to here how it went.

  2. HEAR how it went. i promise i can actually spell.