Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a difference...

A day & an excellent Physical Therapist makes. After taking yesterday off the run, and a 45 min visit to the PT (Sean Ryan at the BEST) the legs felt MUCH better tonight. Even after a full track workout with the club, I felt great. Granted I was taking it a little easy, but still, 100X better than Monday night.

Feeling that much better seriously brightened my day. I had succumb to major feeling of apprehension and was in a serious funk worrying that the legs were shot, and so to were my hopes for the marathon. But (HUGE knock on wood) that doesn't appear to be "in the cards". Maybe my goal time (Sub 2:55) isn't either, but tonight quelled some of my fears and boosted my confidence that I will be toeing the line come Feb. 1st.

However, after 4 Club Ed members went out to Rock N' Roll Phoenix last weekend and all broke 3hrs (including our coach, Ed, who at 57 ran 2:58 and won his age group), the pressure is on. I can't be the one to break the streak!

10mi planned for manana... fingers crossed.

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  1. I got my toes and fingers crossed your 10 miler is SMOOTH SAILING!

    Hang tight, Feb 1st is still a little bit away, injuries sometimes go away over night... hope thats your case.

    Hey, you can test ride my bike if you want :)