Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little piece of advice...

Unless you are looking to insult a guy, or launch him into some serious introspection as to his attire, or the "vibe" he gives off, don't tell him he "Looks pretty."

I know very few straight guys who would take that as a compliment.


  1. Still not happy about this one, huh? But you did! :D

  2. Ha ha, nice. True.

    I see you just got on here this month, this year! FUN times, looking forward to following along (but I am SOOOO behind in blogland!)

    Okay, to say "Kainoa", my son, it's like this...
    K-eye-noah, pronounce the "k" like "kuh", then "eye", then "noah", ha ha, I am laughing, hope that helps... It means strong in Hawaiian...(because I DID NOT know I was pregnant when he was in my belly and I rolled down a hill at Xterra and he survived)... ha ha.

    Have so much fun this weekend...