Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Far, So Good

If you have read any of my most recent blogs you know that I am in my last big training block before:

This will be my first IM, and this has been the first time in a while I have made a big adjustment to my training. So after last week's recovery from Wildflower, the weekend's workouts were a "Lead In" to my first week of the block. So far, I am happy to report, all seems well. Last night was track, and I knew it would be the first real test. The other club runners would serve as a reality sounding board to see what toll the last couple days had taken on my legs. I was pretty pleased with the result. I wasn't able to run up front, but I wasn't dropped to far off. All in all I was happy with it. This morning brought a HARD 1hr interval session on the trainer and a 5k run off. I was VERY pleased with the way me legs responded on the run. So that was encouraging. A swim at lunch and a 1.5hr run tonight and then its Friday rest day!

Staring me in the face however, is a tough 21mi run loop of PV on the drives, and a swim on Saturday. Then its my good buddy Scott's wedding down in Laguna. I am pumped to see he and Kat "tie the knot" and couldn't be happier for the both of them. Should be an awesome event!! Sunday will have the brothers Pearson and I riding from Santa Ana to San Diego. Good times!

Monday is going to be a REAL test :/


  1. Laguna? Will LC be there? How bout Lo? I still can't believe that place is real... well, as "real" as it can be anyways.

  2. Hope the Pearson Bro ride went well!