Monday, May 18, 2009


So looks like my last post proved to be a bit too soon, or I jinxed it, whatever, the result is the same. My calf injury that had been nagging me since before the marathon (late-ish January), reared it's ugly head last Thursday. I went out for my run and about 3.5mi in, going up a long steady incline, there it is. But it wasn't bad, it didn't really hurt, it was just kind of there. So I kept running. 10.5mi later I was home. I knew I had no running or riding on Friday and did have a massage so I was hoping that would send it packing. Friday afternoon and still, that was not the case.

Saturday I had planned to run a really solid training loop we have here in Palos Verdes. We refer to it as "a loop" or "running the drives". Whatever you call it, it is a almost exactly 21mi loop with some great climbing and mostly steady rollers. My PR is a 2:22. Its a good run I was really looking forward to as a fitness gauge. Unfortunately, the calf had other ideas and I was forced to scrap the plan. Instead it was stay off the hills, and the Doc's orders were "We'll run 5mi see how you feel. Run 5 back see how you feel. If it feels good, you can do it again. But I stress you should use caution." So I ran 20. I'm not good at caution.

Sunday was just a ride, so no big deal. Almost a full 3 days to rest. Right? Not so. It even bothered me on the bike which it never had before. Bummer. So coach's orders have me off the run and very limited and easy biking for the next 4-5days and some PT and ART. I am hoping for a miracle to save this weekend's scheduled training weekend in the desert. PLEASE!!!!!!


  1. Oh man - I hope the calf feels better SOON. I actually have really tight calves that can be pretty painful... I saw an ART guy for the first time last week and was amazed by the difference. I've got another appt today just to follow up. I know that you'll be back at 100% in no time. I didn't realize CDA was your first IM... me too! Someone told me recently that with IM training, they always had nagging little pains, or uncomfortable spots here and there. I think its just part of the deal... sounds like you're being smart about it! Hang in there and happy (and safe!) training!

  2. You're even less coachable than me. LISTEN TO THE COACH AND THE DOCTOR! Sean should give you a punch to the nuts just to remind you to stop f'ing around :P

  3. And i will say, listen to D!

  4. I was really looking forward to some aqua jogging photos! Someone has to show of that aqua jogging belt right?! You do not want it to go to waste :) No worries - you will be healed in no time!!