Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Desert

Memorial day weekend brought an opportunity to head out to the Desert with Sean & Trish, train, and relax in style.

With the 4Runner all packed up we departed Friday night and were in house by 11p.m. Saturday's menu read: "Long Ride" Sean, is smart enough not to be doing an Ironman so his turn around came about mile 30. I continued on Highway 111 towards the Salton Sea and along its shore for a few more. That place is desolate, I mean, nothing.
For those who don't think Triathlon is it, you will be happy to see that I found it. If you want directions let me know.

The ride was going well, hot, pretty good head & cross winds all the way out and once out of town, very few stops. The way back was going even a little better with the aforementioned head wind, now a tail. The only bad part was the seemingly constant train of semi trucks passing me loaded to the brim with Garlic. Several hours into the ride, this made me HUNGRY and I had "Pizza on the Brain" for almost the rest of the ride. That was, of course, until I ran out of fluids. then I had H20 on the brain. I mentioned before that this place is desolate. Not many places to stop out there for a cold drink, plus as I was averaging about 25-27mph, I didn't really want to stop. So I passed one or two extremely sketchy looking markets, knowing that at my current speed, I was going to be back into safer stopping territory pretty soon. I thought I could hold out a little longer. Well, I am not sure if it was the dehydration, or the Pizza brain, but about mile 85, I was wishing I had stopped. Somehow, in my dehydrated state, I managed to get blown/veer off the shoulder and into the loose dirt, my front wheel washed out and I met asphalt at about 25mph. I managed to roll with it pretty well, and my left arm/hip and shoulder took the brunt. I also did a nice little re-style job on the back of my helmet. My main concern was my bike and I remember sliding along, holding my bike up off the road by the right aero bar and my still clipped in right foot. Thus, my bike was relatively unscathed, I took a little road rash but nothing my traveling medical team couldn't take care of. Sunday brought the first test of my calf after the week's rest. The night before Sean & Trish had let their PT opinions be known and encouraged me to try to incorporate a little more of a heel strike into my run stride. My forefoot style, they thought, could be contributing to the calf problems I had been experiencing. After 35mi on the bike Sean and I were off on a run, and I was concentrating on a nice heel strike. I am super stoked to report that 12mi later, no pain and the calf was happy! Some strength training and a little "lap of luxury" recovery at the spa, and a fine Sunday was brought to a close.

Monday morning, not wanting to over-stress my calf too soon, I opted for a ride with a small run off. I found some awesome roads and just couldn't force myself to turn around. 30mi later I was here: Knowing I had to go home sometime, I reluctantly headed back and fought a mean head & cross wind all the way home. A quick 2mi run off and the weekend training was all done.

Yesterday brought my first ride back with the Tues/Thurs group in a while, and I was Punished. The weekend had taken its toll and I was quickly dropped like a school girl. Tuesday also brought on my second ART session with Tamar. I was super stoked that this round was not nearly as painful on the calves. Proof of the recovery accomplished. Tamar inflicted her pain and an hour later I was a new man. This morning's tempo run went off without a hitch!! Now I am just looking forward to the weekend and riding the infamous Henshaw Loop with Charisa on Saturday and supporting/cheering her on in the San Diego Rock N' Roll marathon on Sunday. Should be good times!!

Ohh and just for a parting treat, here is what my hip looks like today.


  1. The best part: "My main concern was my bike." That's the spirit! I was most concerned for your bike while reading this too. Glad to hear you're ok also though :)

    Oh yea, and I thought my tan lines were bad... but yours take the prize! haha

  2. Those desert tail winds rock, and then you turn around and they SUCK big time!!! Can not WAIT for this weekend - it's going to be a blast!! (Remind me of this when I'm falling off the back of the ride! haha!)

  3. Uh, I'm feeling a bit awkward right now. Thanks for the "treat"?

    I'll be curious to see what D has to say.

    And how the hell did you go make it through WF long course bike unscathed but go down on a flat ass road in the desert?

    Keep banking those miles so you can give my buddy Adam a run for his money at CDA.

  4. Oh man - that strawberry looks a bit painful! Glad the bike is okay, though. Yeah, I LOVE the desert - just beautiful. But those headwinds can be nasty. And unrelenting... Yeah for the calf being better and less painful ART.

    I think I'm riding the Lake Henshaw loop again this weekend - it will be great to meet you! Happy (and safe!) training!

  5. Just for Kiet's (and anyone else that cares) information, I kept my comments on this one private. I do believe I said something about naked and CDA and wrestling though. Wait... what?