Sunday, May 10, 2009

Recovery over

After Wildflower a few days of recovery were in order (the hills on the run brutalize the legs). But come Wednesday it was time to get things rolling again (only 6 weeks till IM CDA), and we have already discussed the shape I am in, or not in, and the work that MUST be done. So Wednesday's track session led to Thursday's med/lng run (not fun) and Friday's usual rest day got turned into a pool and gym tri WO.

My travel schedule is pretty nuts and this was one of the few weekends I am actually home in a while and one of the last for the coming weeks. So after some Wildflower fallout amongst the training partners (illness, fatigue, etc...) I was left to train mostly alone. Saturday brought a 30/17 ride/run brick, followed by a swim. Actually, it went more like this, Ride 30; Run 7.43 Begin Bonk (I looked at my Garmin and remember that moment because I knew the next ~9mi were going to be rough... 17 was doubtful), stave off bonk with gel; run 3mi another gel; run 3mi, BONK!!!; run 1.5mi, call for a ride, run 1.5, see car & get in. Total 16.57mi. Doubt prevailed.

Today meant a long ride. Knowing I was going to be alone and thus not wanting to ride too far from home, or too close to the smoke from the Santa Barbara fires I chose to stay local and go for the loop ride. The problem with this "loop" ride is that it is 5 of em. 5 of anything can be pretty tough, but with the climbs this ride entails, and the fact I was going it alone, I knew it was going to be as much of a mental and willpower test as it would be a physical one. 112mi later and 8,885ft of climbing, and I was done and ready to enjoy the rest of the day with Super Moms buying her treats. The lady likes her crepes so that was #1 on the agenda!! Strawberries, whip cream, powdered sugar & a little lemon = Happy Mom. That was definitely the highlight of the weekend. Follow that up with some farmers market fruit and veggie shopping, and an awesome dinner, and I am very happy with the weekend.

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  1. 5 mile loop - nice mental toughness building! My monster month started today - uh oh! :)