Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take 2 of these and call me in the morning.

If only everything were that easy. Instead, Sean "the Doc's" prescription is "No more running." At least for this week. You see, about a week or 10 days before last weekend's race, my legs had been bothering me. Specifically, my calves had been getting really tight and sore. For the most part, nothing "The Stick" and a stiff upper lip couldn't handle. Really, it was the lower portion of my calves, not the big top part, but the lower Soleus muscle area. It is basically a reemergence of the flare up I had pre-marathon, but this time in both legs and more so in the right. Going into last weekends race, I just made sure to stretch alot through the whole weekend and not run Thursday - Sat. Well, as reported in my last post, the legs did not feel so good on the run, and the sand sent them into fits. I even cramped some, and I NEVER cramp!! (knock on wood).

Last night was Monday Night Madness, our weekly tempo run with the club. I took it easy and ran the tempo section right at 6:30's. Notwithstanding a SOLID stretching session prior to the run, my calves were NOT happy afterwards. Ice, more stretching, "The Stick" and some tennis ball rolling was my answer.

My Tuesday mornings usually consist of a 15mi run with about 5mi of hill repeats. Initially after last night's run, I thought, "OK, its not that bad, I will still go 15 manana, just without the hill reps." Once home that deteriorated to, "OK, no run, just do a good 2hr trainer session on the bike." When the alarm sprang to life this mornin at 4:40 blasting that ever so sweet sound of country music and sustained 2 second beeps, I was ready to follow that plan. The calves however, had other ideas. No more than 3 steps from the sack, and they let their repudiation be known. So there I stood, one arm and head through a sweatshirt, contemplating my next move. I decided to stretch em out and see if it improved. That idea lasted for about 20 seconds, and I was back in bed. It was clear the calfes had established a strike line and it was NOT to be crossed. Fortunately, I had my usual 11am swim time with the Doc and knew he would have an answer... I just prayed it was one that would involve little time, effort and pain and bring forth a speedy recovery. In fact I don't even care about the pain, I just want FAST! Unfortunately, it appears that may not be the case. After a brief discussion & diagnosis, the above-noted prescription came forth. So looks like the runnies will be getting a good long rest this week. Only positive I can find is that this was supposed to be a mellow recovery week and I will be in Arizona for a bachelor party this weekend. Maybe I wont feel so guilty about not running out there with this Doc's orders in my back pocket?

So its off to PT now. For what I am sure will be nothing but a calm, soothing, and restorative experience.


  1. Bummer, but better now than 3 weeks from now?! :) Rest up and enjoy the non-running time if you can - it will go quick!

  2. Whoa, you can RUN! FAST!
    Hey, here is a little trick I like, I rub Tiger Balm ALL over my calves and shins then put on the compression socks and sleep with them on over night. It makes the muscles so calm and relaxed, it really helps, try it!

    I am so stoked you will be here soon...
    OH, Got an idea... are you bringing your bike or what? BECAUSE I will happily let you ride Juan (that sounds SO bad). Honest you can borrow him since most bikes are already rented.

    Let me know...
    Just don't fall in love, he is MINE :)