Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm off...

to the desert tonight. I am excited to kick off my '09 season and get a race under my belt before Cal. 70.3, but I gotta admit I do regret that I was not able to get out to TriFest this weekend. I was REALLY looking forward to all the weekend had to offer, including without limitation, the Expo, talks from Dave Scott & Chris Carmichael, a swim tutorial from Andy Potts and a run with Sam McGlone. (Jesus!!) Perhaps the thing that had me most excited was to finally get the opportunity to visit the facility and meet the "team" I am lucky enough to be a part of this year and get in some quality training trying to keep up with that talented of a group. Fate however, would have it otherwise, and the trip became pretty much financially prohibitive. With all the traveling I am doing in the coming weeks and months, I just couldn't make it work within my budget. (Which may have been a blessing in disguise as I may have killed myself at some point in time along the 14hr solo drive).

Having said all that, I am really excited to be heading out to the desert for what promises to be a solid weekend filled with good friends, food, racing, and all around good times. As if I didn't already owe him enough for his training advice and treatment, a big thanks in advance goes out to Sean "the doc" for the the invite. We closed out '08 racing together in Clearwater, and now we open '09 racing together again. If Clearwater set the tone, things are looking good for this season brother.

So I head out tonight to the Desert Oasis of Casa de Ryan, to enjoy the hospitality of an awesome family, with a Kona finisher in the midst no less, enjoy the weekend, and hopefully knock off any race rust that may have accrued since November. I know Birthday Girl will be out there smashing the competition I am sure, and hopefully I'll get to wish her a happy B-day in person. The weather appears to be cooperating as well, with race day temps in the 70's. So, notwithstanding my TriFest truancy, I am pumped for what promises to be an awesome weekend.


  1. Good luck this weekend, looking forward to the race report!

    I wish I could have gone to TriFest too! But money reasons and not having someone to drag along for the ride held me back. Last time I was in AZ I got a speeding ticket, so I'm still mad at them :)

  2. Good luck this weekend. And I decided to do Lavaman. New Orleans isn't a race that really matters to me and I love Lavaman.

  3. Oh you're off. That's for sure.

    Have an awesome weekend!! Can't wait to hear how many drinks you owe me after it :D