Sunday, March 1, 2009

It aint Kona...

But it aint Bad!!!

This was the view from the top of Palos Verdes today on loop #2. The course below is "The Donald's", Trump National, and aside from my low opinion of the man (albeit formed only from his TV show), he did buy/build a beautiful course.

The brothers Pearson made the trek up from Newport on Saturday and this morning we met up with Sean "the Doc", for what turned out to be an awesome 90mi ride. 2 loops in both directions of Palos Verdes and 2 loops on the "Parkway" around LAX, made for some great climbing sessions sandwiching some good hard tempo efforts. All of which was enjoyed in the Sun and 75-80 degree temps of So. Cal. Like I said, Kona it aint, and I remain JEALOUS of Bree and others enjoying the places she writes about, but the heat and the head /cross winds on the backside of the 2nd PV loop had me thinking it must have felt similar today. I mean, we are staring at the same ocean right?

Today was one of those days where the weather, good friends, bikes, and a good ol' fashion sweat combined to kinda smack me in the face and make me take note of how fortunate I am to live where I do, to have the friends I do, and to have found such an awesome sport/passion/lifestyle. A great day indeed. In case you didn't get the full effect, here we are on the 2nd loop after Chris decided to go full aero (a.k.a - shirtless for the lady folk) for the descent. And in keeping with the "Kona it aint" theme, we did top off the ride with burritos. Since they were from Chipotle though, and not some secret Island burrito haven, I didn't feel they were necessarily, "photo worthy".

Now its nap time, to be followed by what promises to be an awesome dinner with "the doc", his better half, and some vino. The day just keeps getting better. If only tomorrow wasn't Monday. Ohh well, that just means one day closer to the real Kona!


  1. You look very pretty in your TriSports jersey.

  2. Funny, I thought the same thing as D. Not a lot of guys can pull off "pretty". Jealous of your fitness. It is a pretty freakin' cool lifestyle.

  3. It was a great weekend for training in So Cal, that's for sure. See you're doing IMCA... me too! One month to go, woo hoo!!

  4. That was really a great ride. I look forward to getting up there more often for some more of the same.