Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Ride, Good Brick + Good Food =

A pretty darn Good Weekend!

Due to some weather concerns, the brothers Pearson, Scotty and I decided to ride down to Oceanside on Saturday instead of the, as planned, Sunday. While the brothers have done Cal. 70.3 several times, I will be making my rookie appearance in 2 weeks, so I wanted to go down and check out as much of the course as possible.

Our ride began in Newport Beach and the out and back to Oceanside turned out to be about 95mi. Somehow that number just didn't sit right with me. I couldn't stand looking at my Garmin and seeing 95. I wanted triple digits, so I tacked on a bit at the end to make it an even Hundo. It was a really solid ride and I now feel like I am a little better prepared for the race, at least mentally. The ride was followed up by our usual trip to Catalina Fish Kitchen for some fish taco recovery! Brynn "the minnow" made an appearance and was nice enough to get all dolled up for us.

Last night, was dinner with Grandma, or "Gramcracker" as I call her, and moms cooked up an awesome Spaghetti Bake which I personally consumed almost half of. Dessert, was awesome! And all credit goes to Bree. I found her INSANE Banana Bread recipe in her Oatmeal post last week and as soon as I read it, I knew it was happening this weekend. I used 6 bananas & substituted the nuts with Raisins. I tell you it is F-ING FANTASTIC!! Between moms, pops, Gramcracker and I, we almost dusted the entire thing. But I managed to save some from the others (and myself) and took it over to Sean and Trish today. They loved it as well. I might just have to make it while in Kona with them next week as a pre-race breakfast treat. If you like dense and SUPER moist Banana Bread, that is actually healthy, unlike the adulterated crap u normally find, I highly recommend it. Apparently Bree is a superstar in the IM world and the kitchen. Big Thanks to her. I think I am addicted.

After all that grubbin last night I knew I had to get after it today so it didn't go to waste.. or waist. So @ 8:30 this morning I signed up for a 2 hour session with Coach Troy and the "steel wheel" in my living room, due to the rain and RIDICULOUS wind that rolled in overnight. After the sequel to "Have Mercy" it was on with the runnin kicks my feet hadn't seen since Wednesday, and out into to the wind and cold for the 9mi banana bread payment. Trust me, it was well worth it!!

So that pretty much sums up what was a pretty solid weekend.

Ohh... and btw... I leave for KONA in 4 DAYS!!!!!! So next weekend, watching Lavaman should be even better.

Its going to be tough to concentrate at work.


  1. I was going to leave you a nice comment until you mentioned where you're going in 4 days. Instead I will just call you an asshole (said with love, of course).
    Strikes me you don't do much concentrating at work anyways ;)

  2. Jealous you are off to Kona. Nice training this weekend - Coach Troy always kicks my a$$! :) have fun and be safe!