Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well pictures are lacking, as of yet, but Kona has been insane thus far!

Friday:  Swam the Ironman swim course.  Pretty dam tough to keep concentrated on your swim, when you are looking down at coral, awesome bright, tropical fish and sea turtles.  After that, I was off to pick up my rented steed.  Although, my position looks as though I am sitting on a barstool, I cant complain.  After a brief little ride on the Queen K back to the pad, I was ready for a run.  I left the house thinking I would run about 6-7mi.  Once I got onto Ali'i drive however, that 6-7 quickly began stretching out.  Running on that street was awesome.  I think I got chicken skin at least 5 times thinking of what it would be like to be running it for real.  So 12mi later, I was back at the pad, into the pool for a cool off and onto the hammock for a little nap on the lanai.  About 2hrs later, it was burrito recovery time and Bree had an awesome spot.  
Saturday:  Swam about half the IM course.  And after a quick re-fuel on some of the freshest Pina and Papaya I've ever had, we were off on the bikes.  I wasn't sure how far I was going to ride, and thought I might just turn around with Sean when he headed back, but I felt good so I kept at it.  About 20mi in, I was introduced to the legendary Kona winds.  At first it wasn't that bad, a little left to right, slight headwind.  Soon after Wiakola it really got going though.  It shifted to almost a direct headwind, and at one point I found myself laughing at the fact that I was headed down a fairly steep grade, in a big gear, pushing hard, and I was traveling a whopping 7.8mph!  Awesome.  My neck was actually getting sore from pushing against the cross winds, never had that before!  With the time the winds took out of me on the front side, I know I wasn't going to be able to make it too far towards Hawi, and back to the house in time for Sean & Trish to leave for race check in, so I put in a call and said I would meet them at check in.  They obliged and being as awesome as they are, brought me a change of clothes, fresh pineapple, water and SUSHI!!!  Insane.  I made to about 10mi short of Hawi, and I tell you the food they brought hit the spot after 65mi on the Queen K in that wind.  

Tonight I took on the cooking responsibilities and let Sean & T relax.  I made some pretty good pasta, if I do say so myself, with super fresh veggies I bought at the farmers market today, and a killer salad that Joe (S & T's buddy) made with all fresh produce from his garden, and fresh lettuce from a lettuce delivery service.  Yes, you read that right.  His neighbor gets lettuce delivered fresh from a farm to his lanai, a couple times a week.  INTENSE!!  The athletes were well fed. 

Sunday= Race day!  I will be out in force tomorrow supporting Sean & T, and might even see Bree fly by at some point.  Then the plan is to hang out at the beach party after, then hit a beach on the way home with coolers full of, fruit and sando's.  Joe is likely going to meet us and I have the sneaking suspicion his cooler will be stocked with some good Island brews.  It sounds to me like tomorrow is shaping up to be a pretty stellar day.  



  1. Ohhhhh fun. And 7.8 - gotta love that wind :) Have a great great rest of your trip - don't forget to come home so you can kill CA 70.3 next weekend! :)

  2. Passion Fruit, Ian. You gotta try it.

  3. Are you still on the plane? ha ha!!