Friday, February 5, 2010

Hones - T and 2010

I hit the treadmill today for my tempo run. I usually do this outside, at a track, but it was raining pretty hard and running the track in rain like this would have been cold, hard, and dangerous. So it was inside to the dreadmill.

I make it no secret that I harbor little love for the treadmill. It does have a benefit though, as my friend Devo says, "It keeps me honest." Like I said, my tempo runs are normally done on the track, governed by the watch. But if you fall behind on the pace, the watch won't spit you off the back with painful (to ego and body) results. The treadmill keeps you honest with a capital T.

As an added bonus, the heat and humidity in a gym makes you really work on the breathing.

Finally, there is also a bit of comic relief. See, I go to a gym, whose (lets call a spade a spade) membership isn't exactly comprised of what one would refer to as the "elite" of the local athlete population. Especially at 9am on a Friday. Its basically me and a bunch of the retired crowd. When you are in this setting and you bump the treadmill up to tempo pace, you get some wide-eyed stares from the gallery. Seriously people look at you like it can't possibly be safe to run at that speed. Either that, or I had the look of death on my face and was throwing off sweat like a garden sprinkler. Call it my ego, but I am going with the former.

On to 2010:

People have been asking (thanks for your interest Mom & Pop), so I figured it is time to post my preliminary schedule for the 2010 Race Season. What follows is not "FINAL" but will likely be the route I take barring any unforeseen happenings.

1. March 7th, Toyota Desert Tri (Olympic), Palm Desert, CA
2. March 27th, Ironman Cal. 70.3, Oceanside, CA
3. May 1st, Wildflower Long Course, Paso Robles, CA
4. June 12th, Ironman Boise 70.3, Boise, ID
5. July 25th, Ironman USA, Lake Placid, NY
6. Sept 12th, Ironman Wisconsin, Madison, WI
7. Oct. 17th, Ironman Austin 70.3, Austin, TX
8. Nov 21, Ironman Arizona, Tempe, AZ

Obviously, a Kona Qualification would change everything, as would a 70.3 Worlds slot. And IM AZ is going to be up in the air until pretty close to game time depending on certain factors. So there it is.

Cheers to a race filled and hopefully successful, 2010.


  1. OMG we have almost the EXACT same schedule! Maybe I can meet you at a race sometime?!!

  2. Hope IMoo stays on the schedule. It would be great see you in the Dairyland.

  3. Nice schedule. austin 70.3 looks fun! you are going to have a solid season i know it!

    BTW, i LOVE running a tempo run on the treadmill. to me it is way easier to settle in. and yes i put the incline at 1%.

    i hadn't thought of doing the tempo on a track...hmmmm. smart. i had been doing it on the road. which is HARD.
    thanks for the tips!

  4. I'm all about the treadmill. BEST workouts! That said, I don't use it because of rain... pussy.

  5. Looks like you'll be getting your money's worth from the pro membership fee.

  6. I love your schedule!!!! It will be a great year for you, I am sure.

  7. OH! Hope you do end up coming to IMAZ so I can see you in action! (that is if I don't make it to Oceanside). Great schedule! Going to be a very exciting year!! :)

  8. "Garden sprinkler" is a perfect way to describe it.