Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pain Cave

This was the scene of my Saturday ride. 4hrs of pain including a simulated climb of Mt. Palomar. I was a little scared of this workout since it had been put on the schedule.

I didn't realize it was going to be as good of a time as it was. I actually found myself enjoying the workout and the pain. Coach really laid it down with this workout and I ate it up.

On several occasions last year, I had little "break through days" where I would really nail the workouts. I hadn't had one yet this season. After the trainer session, I was worried about the run that was on tap for that afternoon, but it went very well. So Saturday was the 1st "break through day" of the 2010 season.

Here's hoping for more!!

Sunday, I paid for the great Saturday with a not so stellar brick, but I think that was also due to a lack of sleep thanks to a later than expected stay at a friend's birthday party the night before, complete with one of these.
The man with the knife is my dentist!


  1. Ohhhh REALLY?! You had to go and put photos of the dead pig on your blog now didn't you? :)

  2. I bet that piggy has a different definition of pain cave.

  3. Uh, that's not really a cave Ian. Most caves don't have a Pottery Barn leather recliner. Maybe call it the Pain Utility Room? Way to nail the workout.

  4. Love the huge stash of water bottles. Just hope you got of the bike when the restroom was calling ;)

    Welcoming more breakthroughs for you!


  5. Nice one (the workout, not the pig).

  6. The water bottles on the fireplace (in CA?) is the best ever. Crap, we don't even have a fireplace in Chicago...:) GOOD work!

  7. It would be a true pain cave if you had a fire going in the fireplace during the workout.