Friday, February 12, 2010


Is it bad when you have dreams about Kleenex? I think so.

I started feeling a cold coming on sometime around dinner on Monday night. I resisted (read: was in denial), telling myself that it was nothing more than a little sniff and congestion type thing. So I continued with my workout schedule. Yesterday I really started feeling it but struggled through the workouts as all I had was a bike and a swim, then rest from 1pm on. Well it didn't work.

I woke up today, feeling about the same as yesterday. I started getting ready to go to masters and realized I was feeling worse by the minute. When I stumbled and lost my balance going up the stairs, I thought maybe masters wasn't the best idea. So I scrapped it and said I would do my bike workout on the the trainer instead, hit the pool at lunch, and run tonight. Well, I continued to feel worse and as I procrastinated on getting on the trainer, I checked my e-mail (thank God for iphones). Coach sat atop the inbox and among some other things, had this to say: "Listen to your body. The piece of paper with the plan becomes irrelevant when your body is talking to you." (if you read it with a German accent its even better). I read that, and took a second to try and "listen" and take inventory: Stuffed up nose and sinuses, sore throat, noises in my chest, and an all over achy feeling. I thought my body was telling me something and opted to listen it and to coach. I laid back down to get another 30mins of shut eye and go to work early. An hour and half later, I woke again. Enough complaining, I scrapped my plan for the lunch swim. In fact it looks like all workouts are off the table today.

Aside from the obvious, this sucks because I am heading to San Diego this weekend to run the San Dieguito half marathon. The plan was to hit 3 hard weeks of training, and have the race as the last effort in the block. To try and PR a half on tired, trashed legs. Well not only will the sickness prevent me from handing the last bit of thrashing to my legs, but will also likely prevent me from being able to really push at the race this weekend. Hopefully this thing clears up by Sunday.

Sick SUCKS!!!


  1. Ugh. Hope you feel better soon! Either way, with some rest I'm sure you will be back in action in no time. I know it's MUCH easier said than done but listen to that body!!

  2. Oh no, feel better soon Ian. Being sick really sucks.

  3. We only have so many sick days in us per year, best you get it out of the way now with no races. But totally understand, illness affects my mental state more than my physical state. Become a compulsive hand-washer. Oh Mags, I'm addicted to Kombucha now.

  4. hate the sick!!!! love the note from coach. well put, as always!

    see you on sunday- i'll be there too!

    and yes to the kombucha. yes. yes. yes.

  5. The Kombucha love is out of control. You are all boycotted!

    Sorry you're sick. Sick DOES suck (pretty sure I uttered those words not too long ago about myself).

  6. You summed it up right - sick does suck. Feel better soon!