Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Nemesis

I harbor a serious, deep, and seething dislike for treadmills. I began my running days stuck in the basement of my Law School library running on treadmills and since I sprang free from that institution, I have stayed as far away from these evil creations as possible. I like running. I find it fun, relaxing and a good way to "unwind" but the treadmill, without fail, overwhelms the restorative capabilities of running, and leaves me feeling more "wound up" than when I started. I ran 13mi on a treadmill once and was on the verge of punching someone.

Due to the firestorm that has beset upon the LA area, the ocean breeze has been similarly overwhelmed and the air is thick with lung irritating and nauseating smoke. So last night I found myself aboard a deathmill for my interval run and spent 1:20 of my life that I will never get back in complete mental agony. This morning I was back in the same spot for another 40mins, and it wasn't much easier. Thursday night of Coach's MEGA schedule, calls for a 3hr run. I can't decide which is the better option: 1) Run outside and risk almost certain respiratory irritation/damage, or 2) head for the deathmill and risk my sanity and possibly freedom as the potential is high that I will serve some time for the assault I will almost certainly commit following such a stint.

decisions, decisions....


  1. Dreadmill it. I dealt with the smoke in Penticton as it rolled in on Sunday afternoon and stayed til Monday night. Just got good for you. And you are too close to screw around with your lungs now.

  2. dude... as much as it sucks stick to the mill! i ran into the same thing the week leading up Xterra worlds in 2007... remember all the fires here in SD.

    i hit the tready, the trainer, and swam indoors... and hated every minute. but once i got back outside i was ready to rip and had even more motivation.

    play it smart...