Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let the MEGA weekend begin!!

Well the Coach has saved the day again. I am off this afternoon heading south to SD and away from the fires, smoke, and the deathmill, to fulfill the training plan. I will be enjoying the evening in the lap of luxury when not out punishing myself on my long run, and then head to training headquarters (a.k.a.- the Wernick Casa) for the remainder of the MEGA weekend.

A little fiesta for the IMC'ers and Kevin who nabbed his Kona slot and a Ironman PR will take place one evening. The rest I am sure will involve a bunch of the following: FOOD, DRINK, foam rolling, compression garments, complaining, soreness, bonking, and internal questioning.

If I make it through it, I think I will be very happy with myself.


  1. And of course you will make it through it.

  2. I think I used up all my whining for the week already, so I'm all set!