Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Made it... with new records

The MEGA weekend got kicked off early last Thursday when I jumped ship to SD in the afternoon due to the fires and smoke up here in LA. By 5pm I had changed and was headed out the door from the luxurious confines of the coach's pad in Cardiff. 3hrs and a little over 24mi later, I was back, and neck deep into a couple huge plates of some INSANE chicken and pumpkin enchiladas. Coach's wife's cooking may be some of the best I have ever had!!

Friday morning brought with it the longest swim of my life. Thankfully Coach took me to an awesome new pool and it was me and a 25m lane for the next 2hrs. 340 laps in the bank, and I didn't think I was going to be able to steer the car home! Later that night I uprooted again and headed to Kona Camp '09 Mega Weekend Headquarters (formerly referred to as the Wernick Manor Resort and Spa).

Saturday began with yet another trek up Mt. Palomar followed by a picnic/refuel in the park before our afternoon runs.

Sunday brought us a little reprieve from the climbing, but was still a long day in the saddle. I ended up tying my personal record of 137mi. The record however, was soon to fall. Much like me.
Monday was labor day and LABOR we DID!! At the outset of the day I was questioning just exactly HOW in the HELL I was going to be able to pull it off. My legs were NOT ready to be back pedaling a bike, and the hours ahead were NOT going to be easy. Somehow though, an hour or so in, they came alive. Its was almost like they just gave up fighting and went along with it realizing they had no choice. The good thing was I didn't once find myself asking "WHY?" I was doing it. That answer is solid as these rocks.
Sunday was supposed to begin with a small group, but in a fitting twist, Jon had to go save lives at the Oceanside Pier swim and IM recovery and Family duties claimed Kevin and coach. Thus Charisa and I were on our own. Like I said, fitting. It was our MEGA weekend and somehow it only seemed appropriate that the 2 of us would face the hardest and longest day alone. I have to say, a better partner in crime couldn't really be asked for. Over 3 days of intense and long hours of training, not a complaint was uttered, and smiles and laughs continued all the way to the end. And that end, came after over 9hrs of riding covering 160mi and over 8,500ft of climbing. A new record for both of us.
Mega Weekend totals =
Swim: 5.2mi
Run: ~ 35mi
Bike: 364mi

For me, those are all records. And I am, if I do say so myself, impressed. Don't fret though, my head is firmly kept in check by the fact that my friend Ken can say: "My daughter did that too. Only she ran a bit further!"


  1. Damn it! My last comment got cut off... I was going to say that my word verification was "bearmess" - kind of like you were. :)

  2. At some point on October 10 when the going gets tough remember MEGA weekend and how strong you are. And how you can do so much more than you think!

  3. wow... huge weekend. way to get through it. I think i need to plan something like that.

    keep it up dude you are going to kill it in kona!

  4. Wow, that is a lot of mileage. I cannpt wait to see both you and Charisa crush it in Kona.

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  6. Yeah, so I was all proud of myself for going over 300 miles on the bike in a week until you just burst my bubble and did more than that in a weekend. Great job on making it through the mega weekend!