Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wheels Up

I am proud to announce that I have been fortunate enough to form a relationship with Reynolds Cycling and will be racing this weekend with these under me
To say that I am stoked to be racing with the support of a company with such a solid reputation for producing top notch wheels would be a drastic understatement.  Reynolds is trusted by the likes of Team AG2R, Footon Servetto, & Fly V Australia to provide leading edge wheels for their races throughout the season.  Having now had a chance to ride these wheels for the last week, I can see why!  These things fly.

A leader in Carbon Clincher technology, Reynolds is one of the few companies to offer nearly every wheel in their line up as a tubular or carbon clincher.  I have never ridden tubulars, and frankly the cost and hassle associated with gluing, taping, applying, and removing tubulars was not something I was too eager to learn & deal with.  Thankfully, with Reynolds help, I don't have to.  Reynolds offers an incredible lineup of racing and training wheels across all varieties of bike racing (check em out here).  They also have some BIG things coming down the pipe that I will definitely share when given the green light to do so.  Heads will turn. Trust me.  

I am looking forward to my first race on top of these wheels and my first race on a true disc.  They feel extremely solid and fast, and as an added bonus, the Blue looks pretty nice all dressed up in its dancing shoes.
  I am "wheels up" tomorrow morning. Madison bound and looking to lay it down!


  1. SICK!!! congrats on the new sponsor and DO WORK this weekend!

  2. Sweet! Good luck this weekend!

  3. Those are sick bro! Kick some tail this weekend! SJ

  4. Cool. Good luck this weekend.

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