Monday, September 20, 2010

On my own

This last week was a recover, reset, refresh week and weekend.  By now, coach trusts me enough to know what that means.  So I was "on my own" this week.  Do what I want.  In the days after an Ironman, usually that means "not much."  However, given the way Wisconsin went, especially on the run, I felt pretty good, and like I didn't really get to "use up" my legs on the bike and run.

Normally I take about 6-7 days before I run again after an IM.  This week I ran on Wednesday and it felt OK. After however, I had some very strange feelings going on.  Like a full body growing pain. Maybe I am getting TALLER!!??  Sadly I am 90% sure it was just some residual lactic acid/bacteria/"junk" that the run flushed out.  Thursday and Friday I felt really good and started picking up the tempo in some sessions.  The only problem I was having was waking up early again. Apparently I got too used to sleeping in & Madison time in the comfort of my homestay's awesome house.  So I missed masters everyday last week.

Saturday, this was not going to happen.  I made it to masters, got in a nice good ride with my friend Danny who was in his last big weekend for Kona, and had my first "real" run.  All of it felt good. Top o the day, was the patriotic/somber/emotional moment we had when we stopped for a minute to take in this:
 Pepperdine University put up a flag from the country of each victim killed on 9/11/01.  A beautiful tribute.

Sunday, I had the pleasure of riding with T3's youngest member, Duncan. He is fresh off winning the the 11-12yr old USAT National Championships!  He raced a cross race that morning so I met him there to do some riding after.  My first glimpse at a live cross race.  It actually looked really fun.  Maybe something to try one day.  It was good fun riding with Duncan and hearing about his racing exploits. Kid has a BRIGHT future!

After a good but short ride with Duncan, I called it a day as far as training went, and treated myself to a "normal" Sunday, with lunch out, a movie, a gelato, and an afternoon of lounging.  A good weekend.

Back at it this week.  There is racing to be done, improvements to be made and REDEMPTION to be had!

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  1. You made the ride with that 12 year old "short" because he totally OWNED your ass? Yeah, right, I thought so.

    Glad you're recovering and you got over that damn bug. I'm now training and racing vicariously through you since my season is over - so make it GOOD!