Thursday, September 9, 2010

5 Star

Well if there is one thing I am apparently really good at with regard to Ironman (aside from fueling;-)) it is finding myself some incredible homestays.  Gail and Greg in Lake Placid were spectacular hosts, great people, and I am glad to now call them friends.

I arrived in Madison yesterday and for the first time in my 30yrs was actually "that guy" with his name printed on a sign in the hand of my host awaiting my arrival.  Awesome.  A quick trip from the airport and my homestay was dropping me off to pick up their minivan they are loaning me for the duration of my stay. First class?  I think YES.

I felt awfully rude just taking the car and leaving my homestay Adam with all my gear, but I knew I needed to do something to shake the travel out of my legs.  Lucky for me Hillary is racing as well so I met up with her and we shot out to the lake to test the waters.

This was my 1st swim in my new Zoot Prophet wetsuit and I must say I am STOKED on this thing.  Floatation is incredible but the flexibility is even more impressive.  I have worn a few suits in my day, this is the best yet, by a sizable margin.  If you are struggling with a stubborn suit, when this thing makes its debut, I HIGHLE recommend it.

The water was a little warm. Hillary swam in a skinsuit, and we were of mixed opinions after as to whether we will be donning the rubber on Sunday or not. After wearing my suit, I sure hope so.

After the swim it was dinner time and I had some great conversation with my homestays.  Obviously it takes a rather outgoing, generous sort to open your house to random athletes, some of whom may not even speak English, and give them run of your home for 5 days just to have them up and take off right after the race.  But so far I am 2 for 2 in getting some fantastic people who truly go above and beyond the call of duty.  Jackpot x2!  Not only have they been incredible people, but the homes... WOW!  I came home and cooked breakfast in this kitchen this morning.
Just a tad bit nicer than the Holiday Inn Express!  

Cheers from Cheesehead land. 


  1. You did hit the jackpot of homestays!! Well deserved! :) Hope you get to wear you wetsuit on Sunday!!

  2. Cha-Ching! After the last couple of blogs you've posted, all I can say is that you are now getting your revenge on my sabbatical. I want your new bike, your new wheels, your new wetsuit and your new homestay. You can cap it all off by making me want your new ironman PR come Sunday.

  3. Midwestern hospitality! Bring the pain on Sunday brother. Hope to catch up with you sometime during the weekend.

  4. That is a sweet house! A most excellent beginning to a fabulous weekend. Charisa loved her Prophet too - must be one great suit! Good luck Sunday!

  5. good luck this weekend ian!!!!