Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tune Ups??

On Saturday I will be racing the Santa Barbara Long Course Tri as one of the final "tune up" races before Kona. I have a little bit of a problem with the whole "tune up" thing as I really enjoy racing (don't you kinda have to in order to be in this sport?) and have had a hard time looking at any race being just a "tune up" or "training race." I mean, I fully understand that some races are more important than others (October 10th sticks in my head for some reason...) and I completely agree with prioritizing races as "A, B, or C" races. However, I just find it hard not to look at each race as an opportunity to test myself (and lets be honest, beat some of my competitors). Plus, I really like the Santa Barbara race, due to the location, the course and the distances. Santa Barbara is awesome and I spent a good deal of time there through my college years, so it is fun to go back. The swim is 1mile and is an open ocean swim which I like (I am hoping for some waves). The bike course is 34miles and winds through the foothills of SB and Montecieto and past some pretty stellar scenery. Finally, the run is 10miles with most of that along the coast. The little portion that you aren't on the coast, you are running through a cool neighborhood with lots of spectator support and through this rad little nature preserve and over this awesome little foot bridge. Also, its somewhat of a "local race", but some fast guys are toeing the line this year including, but not limited to, Patrick Baldwin, Mike Sevier, Mac Brown and John Dahlz. Not exactly your typical "local" crowd. So much for the "tune up".

The Brothers Pearson, Sean, Tawnee & Brynn are all racing as well. So its shaping up to be a fun weekend with some fast racing.


  1. I had a conversation with someone re: this. You can have a, b, and c races and race just as HARD at each of those races, but in terms of scheduling, recovery and taper, you have to prioritize. But anyone who says they don't have a, b, & c races is only racing 1-2 times a year. I think the one in October is a little bigger than this one. Good luck this weekend.

    BTW, my word verification is FECES. I spit my drink out of my nose laughing so hard.

  2. I had a great comment, but then read about Maggs spitting drink out of her nose and now I'm just laughing.