Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Heading in the right direction

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I did, and I think the best gift I received, aside from great time spent with friends and loved ones and some flip flops, came in the form of steady improvement/healing of my shoulder. I am not back to 100% as of yet, but suffice it to say that I am back to riding and running outside without any pain or fear of further injury, and full range of motion and strength has been restored to my shoulder. The latter part I am very stoked about. The primary concern of the doctors has been whether I would have full range of motion and strength. As such, it seems I am "out of the woods" from that perspective.

While the major concerns of range of motion and strength have been quieted, there is still the issue of endurance. Right now, I am good for only 2.5 - 3K of swimming before the muscles in my shoulder tucker out and give up. I guess 3 weeks out of the water took its toll! But I am rehabbing and working on strengthening the shoulder several times a week with a great Physical Therapist and it is improving almost daily. Unfortunately it just hasn't come around quick enough for me to make the first camp with the Triathlon Squad this year. While initially the docs, Paulo, nor myself thought my attendance at the camp would be even a remote possibility, the rapid progression of my recovery sparked some hope in my mind. Thus, not being able to make it was slightly easier to accept. So all is not lost, and I will continue to work, and come the February and all ensuing camps, I will be ready for the whole ball of wax.

Riding and running outside has been great and I will leave you with a few photos from recent workouts.

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