Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some Pics

Ok so I am WAY behind the 8 ball here, but I figured better late than never and am thus posting some of the few pictures I took during the Tucson training camp.
My first weekend in Tucson meant my first trip up Mt. Lemmon
Me, Pedro, Maiki, & Chris "Big Sexy" Mcdonald
On a select few occasions while in Tucson, coach gave us treats in the form of "Free Days" on the schedule. This meant we had to do "something" but it was whatever we wanted. Before the Squad arrived, I took two of those "free days" to do the following:

Linsey Corbin Dirty 30 Birthday 100x100 SwimFest
Maiki, Montana Matt, Me, Linsey, Ben Hoffman, Hillary "Coach" Biscay

On another, I ventured out to discover Tucson on my own, 120mi of it.
There are some great views to be had in Tucson

Sam hosted a dinner party one night and Chris showed he isn't all looks, he is a certified pastry chef as well
At the end of the Squad camp, hosted TriFest and Charsia came out for the weekend. It was awesome to have her to train with again. 

The TriFest group ride up Mt. Lemmon
I am getting much better at taking photos while riding.
This makes me look like i have really hairy arms
Mt. Lemmon has some incredible views as you climb up
Look close and you can see riders climbing below us

Mt. Lemmon is just over 8,000ft. The highest I have ever ridden my bike & only the 2nd time in snow

I really feel like I "should" have more to say about Tucson. but as my last post indicated, I am doing my best to put it behind me.

On that note, my incredible hosts here in Scottsdale were kind enough to let me mooch off them for quite a bit longer than originally anticipated/requested.  I am extremely grateful to them for this, not only because it allowed me to call their beautiful house, my "home" for a while longer and to spend some more quality time with these great people, but also because it allowed me continue treatment on my achilies here in Scottsdale at Endurance Rehab.  I am happy to report that I am back up and running with virtually no pain in the achilies!  I got in about 30 miles this week, even some tempo-ish work to boot.   The main obstacle now is getting my "running legs" back under me.  Even with the swimming, cycling, and aqua running, I feel that I definitely lost some fitness during the month I could not run.  I am sure that loss will be felt soon, but right now. the pain and soreness that comes along with getting one's legs re-familiarized with the pounding and stress running carries with it.  Once this "phase" passes (please end soon, please end soon, please...) I will be able to really judge my fitness and be able to begin climbing the ladder back to where I was before the injury.

Well its almost midnight as I post this, I had a LONG day of swimbikerun including 100+mi on my Transition and I have to be up in 5hrs to fly to Morgan Hill, CA for the Specialized Tri Team camp.  I am excited to attend, hang with the team, meet those I haven't had the pleasure of yet, and see and learn more about Specialized.



  1. Wow, who's living the good life now? Simply awesome, you are training with some big names in the sport and living the lifestyle, good stuff.

  2. looks like great fun and great training! cant beat that! Need to get to Tuscon and train someday.

  3. LOVE all the pics Ian :) SO glad you are back running and Endurance Rehab really is the greatest! Enjoy Morgan Hill.