Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am a little bummed to say that I will not be on the starting line in Oceanside at California 70.3 this weekend.  With this being my "home" race and one of, if not THE most qulity field assembled outside of the 70.3 World Champs, I always like to start my season off at Oceanside.  A sort of babtism buy fire, if you will.  Unfortunately, while on the mend, my achilies injury has set me just too far back and attempting to race would not be smart.

Just gotta move on.  But it still isn't fun. 


  1. Bummed for you. :( I remember how this feels as I had to sit out from Oceanside last year because of an injury!! BUT, plenty of racing left to go this year and many more opportunities for you to KICK BUTT!! Hang in there Ian! (oh and ps, I see that you are racing NOLA? me too!!! :)

  2. The bright side is that I think you are supposed to experience new things this year, say like a Team Specialized camp, onward and upward Ian.