Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tucson Training

The second camp of the Squad has begun. Unfortunately, I have only been 2/3rds of the way in.  A nagging Achilles tendon issue has been plaguing me and the result has been no running for the past several days.  I got in a whopping 20mins with the Squad on the first day but the Achilles wasn't happy and that has comprised the totality of my running thus far.

On the brighter side of things, we are now swimming at the U of A pool and it is a fantastic facility. A welcome reprieve from the community pools I have been frequenting the last couple weeks.

Falling into the "Brighter Side" category as well, my "saddle time" has received a nice bump due to the lack of running.  Nothing crazy just some consistent hours in the company of my Specialized.

I was getting very used to the training out here, normally just Pedro and I, with a few other "Mini-Squad" swims, and riding with some of the local crowd.  We had a nice groove working and to be totally honest, I wasn't exactly counting the hours until the second camp began.  However, once we had everyone back in one place, I recognized just how valuable the Squad is.  A regimented schedule, with times for every workout, forces you to be accountable.  Add to that the competitive drive that is inspired by the group dynamic, and you essentially have the principle reasons I joined the Squad.  Shortly into the second day of camp, I was somewhat struck by this realization and found myself smiling at my good fortune to be included in this group of talented athletes and quality individuals, under a dedicated coach.  Don't get me wrong, camp life is not all cake and ice cream parties.  But the consistent hard work, in the company of like minded individuals, all striving to improve, is even more rewarding.


  1. Hope the Achilles gets better. That injury SUCKS!

  2. Ugh, sorry about the Achilles Ian! Hope it gets better soon. Enjoy the saddle time!

  3. Hope the achilles is better ASAP! Your group sounds fantastic and Tucson is such an awesome place - best of both worlds! :)

  4. Sounds like all is good, minus the injury. That's so annoying - hope it heals up soon.

  5. Hope you get better soon. Love the blog.


    P.S. if you are ever looking for other blogging opportunities we would love to have you.